What PG got me for Christmas

People always want to know what you got for Christmas. This is because they are dying to tell you what they got and they think this is a more polite way to do it. Kids are much more up-front about it, though: they’ll just launch right into their list of loot and the only way anybody else can mention something they received is when the kid takes a breath to move on to page two.

Because the truth is, nobody cares what you got. Not really. Oh, the more well-bred among us can feign interest exceedingly well and convincingly, but they are really thinking about whether or not Jeeves will remember to go pick up more silver polish. The fact that you have received a new bathrobe is truly of no interest to most people.

There is one exception, however. One situation where enquiring minds honestly DO want to know what you got for Christmas. One circumstance in which all and sundry are VERY interested in what you got for Christmas.

This is when two adults have been dating for a while. The time frame varies, but I believe that the older you are, the shorter it is. So, for the sake of argument, let’s just say that if you are in your early twenties, the time frame might be six months. If you are in your early fifties, the time frame might be one month.

And this last one would be the situation in which Porsche Guy and I are to be found. We have been together for way more than a month (might be around eight years, but we’re not really sure). Although we are actually quite fond of one another, we do not live together, nor are we talking marriage. That is not to say that neither of those two scenarios will ever happen, but rather that we are content where we are right now and do not feel the need to change things up.

And this is unusual. Apparently. And since we are obviously a couple of such long duration, everybody wants to know what the hell we are doing. Which leads me into … every Christmas, practically every person I know (the only exceptions being DD and my mother) asks me, in a very kind but very weighted tone, “And what did PG get you for Christmas … ?” If I am talking to that someone in person, there is also a quick glance at my left ring finger, usually just after that question is posed.

So, this year, with great delight, I would like to tell the intarnets what PG got me for Christmas.

A frying pan. A big 30-cm non-stick sauté pan with tall 5-cm sides and a transparent lid.

And that’s exactly what I asked him to get me.

I am thrilled.



16 responses to “What PG got me for Christmas

  1. “Because the truth is, nobody cares what you got”

    But, but I got a Walking Dead action figure with chomping action! CHOMPING action! Who wouldn’t want to hear about that! 🙂

    Congrats on your frying pan! LOL. Hubby and I used to hear the wedding question, now it’s the baby question. You can only go at your own speed and do what you want! 🙂

    • Pauline – Okay, okay, for you I’ll make the exception: I’m very happy to learn that you got a Walking Dead action figure with chomping action! (But honestly, if it didn’t have the chomping action, I wouldn’t care a whole lot. Good thing you mentioned that part!)

  2. You get more use out of a great frying pan than a diamond. I gave Mr. Jazz one last year. And he never ever gave me a diamond. Not in 24 years. Because truly, what exactly is the point of those?

    • Jazz – I’ve used the frying pan twice so far – works great! But do I enjoy looking at it? Not so much. Diamonds may not be as useful, but I do enjoy looking at them. Particularly when they’re with another gem, like sapphires or emeralds. Or if they’re pink.

  3. That is awesome. Nobody should *ever* underestimate the value of a good piece of kitchenware.

    Mrs. Ricardipus asked for a funky Dyson vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Yes, really, a vacuum cleaner. Did I get it for her? Yes I did.

    Happy New Year, and apologies for being absent. 🙂

    • Hey, Ricardipus! Nice to hear from you again! I think the trick is to actually ask for the appliance for Christmas and then to get it. It’s just wrong if you don’t ask for it and then get it as a “surprise”. Trust me: in that case, it is never a GOOD surprise.

  4. Congratulations! I am sure you and the frying pan will live happily ever after 🙂

    I love messing with people too. This year, I told everyone Jepeto bought me a diamond *lengthy pause* necklace. Catches them in mid-gasp everytime. Hysterical! Happy New Year to you!

    • Nicky – Well, according to the advertising (and James Bond), diamonds are forever, but I’m thinking that this frying pan just might be as well. It’s very solid and well-made, with the “latest non-stick technology” (uh – what?). Just like diamonds, only I can cook with it too!

  5. Maybe because I also am not married (and have no desire to be) I really don’t care whether other people are getting engaged or married, so I would never, ever presume that that was an intended outcome for any relationship. I may be a little naive in this.
    But, I do actually care what people in long term relationships give one another. Or at least I am curious. I care in a totally non-judgemental way. I will likely forget within an hour. I am, however, too polite to ask, so I never find out. So thank you for sharing. I would love a panini press. I got, instead, a vase. I’m hoping for cut flowers for my birthday. Or a panini press.

  6. The best kind of presents are the kind that you specifically ask for. You specifically did not ask for an engagement ring. You should keep it that way. It sounds like you have a great relationship now. I would give anything to have one like it. Why spoil a good thing? Lucky you, is all I can say.

  7. And what an excellent present that is! I am having a new frying pan, but we will go and get it in the sales, when hopefully the ones I like will be a little less spendy.

    Much better than a ring! x

    • Katyboo – Good frying pans are extremely spendy, aren’t they? I had no idea, until PG and I were poking around kitchen shops and I looked at the price tags. Jewellery might actually be cheaper!

  8. I love you. You led up to this so beautifully. You know, built up the suspense and all. Very clever. Anyway, as for the other, if it is meant to be, it will. Having made two major mistakes in that regard it is so much better to not go there until such time as it becomes a ‘must’ and sometimes it never does. And that’s OK. One thing that becomes clear about you, lovely sister, is that you are very self-actualized woman, and that’s impressive indeed.

    • mrwriteon – Oooh, praise from a real writer! You’re making me blush (again)! It is funny about the non-marriage, non-living together thing, though: when people learn this about us, the women nod sagely and say, “Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense”, while the men simply look confused. And they say it’s the women who want to be married …