Well, that’s it for the first part of the Christmas season in Pinklea-land. I am stuffed with both food and alcohol, the happy recipient of many fabulous gifts, well-thanked for the presents I bestowed … and also unexercised, unrested, with a messy house and too much laundry to do, and in a bad mood.

All in all, a good time.

Of course, my birthday started the Christmas season frivolity for me last Friday, so basically, I have been partying for four days straight. Today I am in hiding. I do not wish to see or talk to people. I do not wish to look at another piece of shortbread or one more buttertart. No, not even another rum and coke – really. Well, except for maybe a very small one. Just one and just before dinner. Which, by the way, will be peanut butter and jam on toast, NOT turkey or anything resembling a real meal.

My brother and sister-in-law have been staying with my mom for almost a week now. They brought what appeared to be a truck-load of food with them, purchased more upon arrival, then cooked Christmas breakfast and dinner at Mom’s place. They did an amazing job, particularly since they were working in someone else’s kitchen with someone else’s often-crappy old stuff (although my mother does like quality things, she IS 81 years old and doesn’t always recognize when stuff needs replacing any more, insisting that those things are “just fine for me”.)

And after Christmas dinner, about 9 pm, my sister-in-law ended up in the emergency ward. She has Crohn’s disease and her innards were fighting back with a vengeance, causing her intense stomach pain. I don’t know much about Crohn’s, but I do know that people who have it are supposed to be careful with what they eat and drink. My sister-in-law, while a lovely person (and a great cook!), doesn’t always appear to be very careful. Also, I have noticed that she often has these attacks right around the time that they are leaving on vacation. Then this one came at Christmas. Hmm. Could stress be a factor? I’m not a medical professional, nor do I live with the disease like she does, but it does bear thinking about.

Anyway, emergency wasn’t super-busy, fortunately, and she had bloodwork done and was hooked up to a morphine drip within an hour. She started to doze off then, so PG, DD and I couldn’t really do anything more and so went home, about 10:45 pm. Mom hadn’t come with us to the hospital, but we called her and let her know what was happening. At about 1 am, the doctor pronounced everything under control and sent my sister-in-law and brother on their way. The next day (yesterday), she was a bit weak and groggy, eating lightly, but not in any more pain, thank goodness.

So that was all quite exciting … okay, maybe not for her, but I’ve never gone to emergency on Christmas Day before, so it was certainly a new adventure for me.

And now I’m off on another new-ish adventure: back to the gym after far too many days off.

I wonder if I’ll even remember how to do the machines?


8 responses to “Festivities

  1. I’m so done with the festivities that I’m almost glad to be back at work. Almost being the operative word here. How I’d love to have an extra week off to just recuperate and not see ANYONE.

  2. I didn’t over indulge simply because I can’t, so I have no problem now with not being able to see another bite of decadent food. Your sister in law must have had something disagreeable to eat.. A Christmas dinner isn’t exactly the healthiest food to eat. It can upsets anyone’s intestines easily. It’s an onslaught to your system. Let’s face it, people aren’t meant to eat like that in my honest opinion. Okay, I’m all doen preaching now :o)

    • Nora – She didn’t know what exactly set her off this time – probably a combination of rich foods, alcohol, and stress. But I wish her Crohn’s could be managed a little better, because this seems to happen every couple of months and it can’t be easy for her or for my brother. They’ve spent way too much time in hospital emergency rooms in the past couple of years. I’m sure her doctor has already sat her down and given her a very precise list of foods to avoid, but it’s got to be very hard for her when everyone else is enjoying whatever they please, so I don’t think she pays as much attention to that as she should.

  3. Yes, isn’t it amazing how quickly delightful excess becomes ‘old’ and we yearn for the simpler things. You had PB and jam last night. We had poached eggs on toast due to a similar impulse.

    Nasty about your SIL. Such a thing as Crohn’s must be truly wretched and I’m grateful that all I get is heartburn. Happy New Year dear sister.

    • mrwriteon – I know a number of people with Crohn’s, and it does seem to be one of the chronic diseases that really suck. And hurt. Happy New Year to you too, Big Brother!

  4. What, no pink dinosaur??
    happy belated birthday.