Worst. Sleep. Ever.

I was at my Unbook Club the other night. It’s just like a regular Book Club, except that we don’t read books. That gets in the way of all the drinking and eating and socializing, you see.

Anyway, this was our annual Christmas “meeting”, so we had our gift exchange as well as our usual drinking and eating and socializing. And, since it wasn’t a school night and it’s Christmas, after all, everyone had arranged for rides home. A good time was had by all, needless to say.

My friend Meshka’s husband George picked up the two of us shortly after midnight. We were silly and probably quite loud – as all middle-aged women are wont to do when let out of the house with a bottle of wine and a corkscrew. He calmly ignored our prattle, dropped me off safely, then drove on home to pour Meshka into bed.

Once in the door, I apparently talked DD’s ear off about what a fun time I’d had and the latest news and gossip from my circle of friends. That’ll teach DD to keep such late hours, I think. She’ll know better next time: if she’s still up when I get home from an evening with friends, I’m sure she’ll hop into her bed and at least pretend to be asleep!

So I got into bed around 12:30 am, fell asleep almost immediately, then woke up with a start. It was 1 am.

And that was it, till I dozed off around 6 – but only for another half hour or so. I never did actually sleep, and eventually thought, “Fuck it, this is stupid” and got out of bed at 9.

I am not exaggerating. I KNOW that I didn’t sleep that night, because I had my bedside radio on the whole time and the late night (early morning?) program that is on from 1 am until 5 am featured Erin Brokovitch for the whole four-hour show, and I heard the whole four-hour show. Then there was the early morning drive-to-work program that runs from 5 am till 8:30 am. I heard all of that too, except for that half-hour that I drifted off around 6 am.

The funny thing was that I actually was rather tired. You know sometimes when you can’t sleep and you’re totally wide awake? That wasn’t me. My body really did want to sleep. My mind wasn’t racing, I was warm and comfortable and relaxed and tired. I just wasn’t sleeping.

And why had insomnia come to visit me that night? Who knows? Typically, I don’t have that problem when I’ve had a few glasses of wine. Nor do I have difficulty sleeping when I eat late. I seem to have a cast-iron stomach and alcohol and food rarely affect me that way. Perhaps it was the three cups of coffee I had drunk at the end of the evening? Maybe I now react very strongly to caffeine (assuming the coffee wasn’t decaf – which, with a bunch of women, is almost a gimme nowadays. We all drink decaf once the morning is over.) There’s always the possibility that my recent cold (which is still lingering more than I’d like, by the way) was affecting my sleep patterns – but why that night, when the worst was over with? I’d been able to sleep reasonably well throughout, except for the coughing spells, of course.

Or maybe I was just practicing for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve? I never have been able to stay awake long enough to peek at him …


10 responses to “Worst. Sleep. Ever.

  1. “Perhaps it was the three cups of coffee I had drunk at the end of the evening?”

    Yeah that’ll do it! But alcohol isn’t great for sleeping either, which is weird I know!

    Wishing you more sleep this holiday season! 😀

    • Pauline – Maybe it was only some weird combination of the caffeine and alcohol this one time? Or maybe this is just another thing that sucks about approaching menopause? Either way, yes, I’ve slept just fine since then, thank you!

  2. It’s the coffee. Someone put caffeinated in the decaf jar.

    Wicked prankster.

  3. Oh dear, I had an awful night the other week when I managed all of 3 hours and I felt like shite the next day, so I can’t imagine how I could cope on only half an hour. You’re far more hardcore than I!!!

    • Mrs Jones – If I don’t sleep well, I usually do feel crappy, so this did surprise me that I felt okay after so little sleep. But I sure have been sleeping soundly since then!

  4. That was just too much excitement for you in one evening and you couldn’t quite get unwound from it. The real question is, how did you manage the next day? Did you function well? Did you feel a terrible urge to take a nap? I hope you sleep well tonight and that you wake up well rested. We older women can’t quite get away with things the way we did when we were younger. It’s a fact of nature. XOX

    • Nora – I actually did function extremely well and didn’t feel the need to nap, though I love to nap at the best of times, it must be said. I may have been a bit more subdued than normal, but the only pressing thing in my day was lunch with a couple of friends, so that was easy. I suppose I’ll be paying for it in another day or two, as you’re absolutely right: we older women can’t get away with much any more! (Pity, don’t you think?!)

  5. Like you did, I have literally lain awake all night and it’s a horrible thing and also very boring. Cause? I have no idea. Maybe you were still a bit pumped from social interaction. Wendy finds that alcohol profoundly impacts her sleep in a negative way. Anyway, sleep tight tonight, dear sister.

    • mrwriteon – It really was very boring, and it just went on and on and on. An hour or two of insomnia here and there, okay. But pretty much an entire night? At least I learned all about Erin Brokovitch and what she’s up to these days!