Not too merry

Now I’ve got a cold. My voice is on its way back, though I would still hesitate to inflict it on anyone’s hearing just yet. But I’ve got an impressive, deep, chest-rattling cough now, along with the requisite constant nose-blowing. My energy is low-ish, and my head feels a little stuffy.

Yep, it’s a cold all right.

Now I’m thinking that maybe the laryngitis wasn’t really caused by yelling over that shitty music on Saturday night. I mean, how many times in my life have I done that and really only had minor hoarseness and ringing ears the next day? More than once, that’s for sure! (I was a teenager in the seventies, after all!) I have never completely lost my voice from that, so why would it happen now?

So maybe it didn’t. Maybe it was just coincidence that I happened to be yelling over shitty music on Saturday night. Maybe I just picked up a cold virus sometime last week and it decided to manifest itself on Sunday morning by attacking my vocal chords first, then the rest of me a day or so later.

And maybe it doesn’t matter anyway. The fact remains that I now have a cold that seems to have lodged itself mainly in my throat. Less than two weeks before Christmas. And my birthday. Three days before my Christmas vacation starts. The Christmas vacation for which my brother and sister-in-law will be visiting for five days, for the first time in four years. The Christmas vacation during which I have a whole whack of social events planned with family and friends. And I’m not quite ready for any of it yet!

Oh joy.


16 responses to “Not too merry

  1. You need to get an anti coughing cough medicine, but something natural that’s made of herbs so you won’t have to worry about getting loopy. Have you lloked at A. Vogel? They have some good medicines.

    • Nora – I actually wouldn’t mind some cough medicine that knocks me out at night so I could sleep through the night. If I could do that, I’m sure I would feel better faster!

  2. Man that sucks! Best wishes that you get better ASAP and have a happy holiday season! 🙂

    • Pauline – Thank you – and right back at you (except not the part about getting better, as you don’t seem to be sick at the moment)!

  3. bugger. I hope you are over it very soon.x

    • Katyboo – Thanks. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but right now I just wish I could sleep through the night without waking myself up coughing! That would help a lot!

  4. I was just hearing about a bug that is going around that is known as the 100 day cough.
    Just warning you.
    When you are done coughing we will look into that flight to Oz. I would have said NZ, but those tremors are not enticing me at the moment.

    • VioletSky – There is most definitely a bug going around. The day I was home sick, there were about five other teachers from my school home sick as well, and each classroom is currently missing three or four kids. I tell ya, anywhere but here sounds great at the moment!

  5. Get some Cold F-X. Dose yourself. Whenever I start a cold it’s my go to. And it works. Though I don’t know how well it’ll do when you already have the cold, it seems worth a try.

    And no, I’m not paid for the publicity. More’s the pity.

    • Jazz – How’s Cold F-X with coughs? That seems to be my biggest issue right now. And until I stop coughing all over the place, there will be no baking!

  6. That’s really too bad about your cold. It did have amazingly bad timing. I hope you get over it quickly without ill after effects. You have good enough reasons to get rid of it fast, so get under the covers and treat yourself gently. Do whatever it takes to get well soon. It’s too bad that we can’t all come over to nurse you to health.

    • Nora – The only way the timing could be worse would be if I got sick on December 24th. At least now I have the chance to take care of it before Christmas really starts. And yes, it would be lovely if I had some nursing (I do love to be pampered, you know!).

  7. This is why I think we should have Christmas in the summer, like the Aussie and Kiwis and South Africans.
    Get well.

    • VioletSky – And if we can’t move Christmas to summertime, then I think we’ll just have to move OURSELVES to Australia or New Zealand or South Africa. Whaddya think? Is that a plan?

  8. I can’t even make a smartass comment about your cold. That sucks. Really it does. Take to your bed, plenty of liquids and get someone to baby the hell out of you and may it all be cleared up before Christmas.

    • mrwriteon – Drugs are my best friend right now. I’ve also been drinking tea with honey pretty much non-stop for two days now, with a serious hot rum toddy just before an early bedtime. I’m feeling okay at the moment and plan to go back to work tomorrow, if my voice holds and the coughing can be controlled. Hopefully I can nip it in the bud!