The last basket hanging

This is the hanging basket that housed the finch family last summer. It’s just now starting to look a little ratty, don’t you think? I mean, it IS almost the end of November, and I DID clean up the rest of my wee garden many weeks ago.

But that hanging basket has been through so much in its life! I wasn’t even supposed to buy it: I had actually ordered some planters to sit on my back patio, and when I went to pick them up, I saw a few unclaimed hanging baskets. I hesitated only a second and bought the only one with a bright pink (of course!) geranium in the centre. I brought it home, hung it up, and it flourished – despite my haphazard watering. It later held and protected a tiny nest and provided a safe place for four tiny finches to grow up – again, despite my haphazard watering. And just this last week, it survived a couple of autumn windstorms.

And now it looks like shit. As old hanging baskets do.

It’s had a good run, that hanging basket. A much longer run than any other hanging basket that I have ever owned.

I think I should buy my hanging baskets at that particular nursery in future. Maybe next year I can get one that waters itself. Just think how long that one would last!


10 responses to “The last basket hanging

  1. We had snow here last week. It’s gone now, but it did hang around for a couple of days. Needless to say, our flowers are long gone. To me, your basket doesn’t look ratty at all. I envy those last few flowers you have left. 🙂

    • Nicky – FLowers or no flowers, the basket’s now gone. I don’t think the photo properly showed how dry and scungy most of the plants had gotten: they really weren’t that green at all, only in one or two spots, and the remaining flowers were kind-of freeze-dried already. We’ve had a little snow here and there around the city too, but it didn’t even last two days … and then it rained. Again.

  2. Wow, VioletSky has me thinking maybe I should buy some hanging baskets next year…

    It still has flowers? Wow.

    • Jazz – This is, without question, the longest I have ever kept a hanging basket going. Some of that was just laziness on my part, but some of it was incredulousness (Is that even a real word? It is now.) that the plants in it were still looking okay. Maybe all that bird poo was good for it?

  3. I think if you take that basket inside, it could live through the winter. It still looks very much alive to me. It would be a shame to expose it to the elements. You and that basket have a history together. See if you can make it last. XOX

    • Nora – Unfortunately, the plants in that hanging basket were completely root-bound and I think the only way for them to continue to survive would be to replant them somewhere the roots could spread out properly – like in the garden. And since I don’t live in a tropical climate, I can’t do that. But I still think that having a hanging basket even semi-healthy at the end of November is pretty amazing!

  4. I think that basket has a story of its own, from its perspective. You should write a story from the basket’s point of view. After you had interviewed the basket, of course.

    • mrwriteon – I think YOU are the one with the interviewing expertise, so why don’t YOU interview the basket and write the accompanying story? I’d just fictionalize the whole thing, and then the basket would be pissed, and then there’d be a lawsuit, and then reputuations would be ruined … it would just be ugly. I’ll just leave it to you professionals, mkay?

  5. I use a wine bottle tipped upside down into the planter. Filled with water, though, not wine. When you see that bottle is empty, go back to the liquor store buy more wine, drink, refill with water, replace. (you could, of course, refill the same bottle, but I like my way better.)

    • VioletSky – I like the way you think. I suppose I’ll have to start accumulating empty wine bottles now in preparation for next spring – tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!