Early much?

DD and I went for a walk last night just after 10 pm. It was actually a very nice night, despite being all November-ish. It had rained like a fury during the day – during the Remembrance Day ceremonies, of course – which had tapered off to wild winds in the afternoon, but the evening was calm. Warmish, even, for November.

There were lots of leaves to kick around as we walked. I love kicking leaves. I like the swishy, sometimes crunchy sound they make. I like watching them swirl up into the air. I even like that about-to-decay leafy smell that emanates from disturbed piles of leaves.

There wasn’t a lot of traffic, even as we approached our local shopping area. We were quite daring and didn’t push the walk buttons to cross the streets. Once, we crossed completely against a red light. I tell ya, my daughter and I live right on the ragged edge!

We walked around the shopping area. And there were Christmas lights everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Yes, they were pretty and sparkly and tasteful. But they were Christmas lights! And everywhere! On November 11! A full seven weeks and two days ahead of Christmas Day (yes, I counted)!

Lest we forget, indeed. But at least we made it past Halloween this year.


8 responses to “Early much?

  1. Christmas lights have been up here for about 2 weeks. And the Christmas markets will be starting soon, too (next week).

    • bevchen – Okay, I will make an exception for Christmas markets. They are ACE. I personally would have no problems if they were open all year round, I think!

  2. I’m sick of Christmas already. Lord help me when it arrives for real….

  3. Personally I think it should be a criminal offence — possibly even a capital offence — to display anything Christmasy before Dec. 1.

  4. Yes, at least they had the decency to wait until after Halloween. It’s ridiculous how early we are supposed to be in the mood for Christmas. But that’s commercialism for you. We are now supposed to be spending our money. I guess we have to be jolly and starry eyed for the next seven weeks. I do hope there are other benefits to it.

    • Nora – I like Christmas, I really do. I just think we could wait until – oh, let’s try for December 1st before we get all commercial about it. But then, I’m not a shop owner, just a simple consumer, so I don’t think about things like “Tis the season to make money, fa la la la la, la la la la!”