Blowing off steam

Our run-in with that cop last Saturday night reminded me of another time that Porsche Guy was stopped by a police officer several years ago. I wasn’t with him, but the story is definitely worth repeating – and says volumes about this man!

PG was coming home from somewhere late at night (seems he does that a lot, doesn’t it?). He’s always quite careful with his drinking when he knows he will be driving home, and this time was no exception. He’d had just two beers all evening.

As has been previously established, he is also quite the enthusiastic driver. Yes, sometimes overly assertive, even aggressive, but always fully in control and aware of his limitations. Yes, he has been in a few car accidents in his life, but he has also avoided a few due to his skills. He has taken many driving courses on racetracks, and I would say he is a more competent driver than most of the rest of us. He truly loves cars and “going fast around a track”, as he so eloquently phrases it.

So this particular night, PG was cruising along above the posted speed limit, as many of us do, especially when conditions are good and there is little traffic. But he was spotted by a police officer, who pulled him over right smartly.

The officer came up to the window and leaned down to talk to PG. He began by asking PG if he knew how fast he was going. PG did, and told the officer. The cop then inquired as to whether or not PG was aware of the posted speed limit. PG was, and again told the officer what it was. Then the cop asked if he had been drinking. Ever honest, PG replied that yes, he had had a couple of beers throughout the evening. The cop looked at him quizzically and asked, “A couple of beers? How many was that, exactly?”

PG answered, “One or two, I guess.”

“One or two? Which was it, one or two?” the cop questioned further. (Man, these guys are sticklers for details, aren’t they?!)

PG thought a moment, then said, “Two. It was two beers.”

The cop, his hands still on the roof of the car, leaned in a bit further towards PG. “So. What’s gonna happen if you blow?”

PG looked up at the cop and said innocently, “I’m not that kind of guy!”

There was silence. The cop had his head down. PG couldn’t see his face, but he was shaking. PG realized that he was laughing.

Finally, the cop looked at PG again, still laughing. He backed away from the car, shaking his head and waving his hand. “Get outta here!” he said, with a grin on his face.

PG grinned back, thanked the officer, started up the car, and drove off with a wave of his own.

He did not speed …

… until he was at least block away.


7 responses to “Blowing off steam

  1. PS: I did the police beat for years for my paper and just loved doing and genuinely liked the majority of cops I dealt with; most of whom had the sort of sense of humor your describe in your 2nd posting. Very few of my experience were like the puffed-up prick in your earlier posting.

    • mrwriteon – PG has a terrific sense of humour, that’s for sure! We do laugh together an awful lot. And when he tells this story himself, his delivery makes it even funnier!

  2. You almost made me pee my pants, you did. That was just the best thing I’ve read in ages. A guy with that kind of wit is definitely a keeper, my dear.

  3. I’m not that kind of guy.

    Brilliant answer!

  4. It’s always nice to encounter a cop with a sense of humor. But he must have realized that PG really wasn’t under the influence or he would not have let him go. This certainly beats the incident with the horror cop of the other night. It’s nice to know there are also good cops out there.

    • Nora – You’re quite right. That cop must have realized right away that somebody who was truly under the influence would have never come up with such a quick, witty answer!