TV for me

I have had an expensive weekend. I have purchased a new TV and an HD box and upgraded my cable to get access to all those HD channels. I now have to spend all my spare time watching the thing so that I can feel that my money was spent wisely.

As you may or may not know, I had a very old television. It was Porsche Guy’s old one, and he bought it in 1995. This was to replace my even older TV, which dated from 1985. So I’m not exactly one of those people who absolutely MUST be up on the latest technology – not when it comes to TVs, at least. Or mobile phones, for that matter: mine is already three years old. Or laptops. My laptop is almost four years old.

Okay, let’s just generalize and state that I do not find it necessary to own the latest technology. Any technology.

Anyway, I had been mulling over the whole TV thing for a while. I was pretty much the only person I knew with one of those big, old, heavy, outdated TVs. I did have a digital box, but who could tell, because my TV was so old that it literally made no difference to the picture quality? And why bother paying for high definition when my TV most certainly didn’t have the capacity for it?

Then last week, I missed both a hockey game and a football game on TV because I didn’t have access to the HD channels on which they were broadcast. That pissed me off. I may not watch television every night, but I do enjoy my sports, and if the networks were now broadcasting only on their HD channels, I was not going to be a happy camper. So on Friday evening, I headed out to a local store to take a closer look at televisions.

This particular store is an outlet store, meaning that their prices are significantly less than at regular stores in the chain. I found out that this is because their merchandise is stuff that needed to be moved out in order to make room for the brand new stuff at the regular stores, is often floor models from those stores, and frequently comes without a box.

And then I saw a 40-inch LCD TV that was a screaming deal. I mean, it had everything I wanted and it was so cheap that they were almost paying me to take it home! I told the salesperson that I still needed to think about it. I went home and told DD all about it. She gazed at me for about 1.3 seconds and said, “Go buy it.” So I did.

DD helped me haul the big, old, heavy, outdated TV into the garage (Not fun. Not fun at all. In fact, quite difficult and bloody heavy!). Then we put the new TV in its place and I proceeded to hook up all the cables and to program the remote.

Ta da! Instant television – well, almost. It did take me about 45 minutes to do all that.

Next I had to research this HD stuff. I was obviously going to have to get an HD box, which I could do either through my cable company or at one of several retail outlets, but the HD package to which I should subscribe was the big decision. I ended up calling the cable company and telling them that their website confused me tremendously, so what did they recommend? Well, something that wasn’t described on the website: pretty much what I already had, only with HD channels included.

Saturday morning, I bought the HD box at another store. (Nothing like spreading your money all over the place, right? Apparently that’s good for the economy.) I also got myself a bit of a discount by marching up to the cash desk and asking why they charged more than the cable company did. Of course they matched the price, so I was happy. I brought the box home, hooked it up, then called the cable company again to activate it.

I had to make one more call to the cable company later Saturday afternoon, because when they activated the box, they forgot to add that HD package that I had already ordered – which kind of didn’t make sense to me, because why would I activate an HD box if I wasn’t also getting HD? But in the end, everything worked out and I now have a large, lovely, clear, HD picture – and slightly less money in my bank account, though I spent a lot less than I thought I would have to, really. I’m actually pretty impressed with the quality and am kind of wondering why I didn’t do this much earlier – like, say, five years ago.

Better go now. I have to go watch TV. I’m sure there will be something on that I’ll be interested in …


10 responses to “TV for me

  1. We don’t have a TV… and my phone is 9 years old. Do i win? πŸ˜‰

  2. No one will take those old TVs anymore. I found this out when we bought a flat screen a couple of years ago and tried to donate the old one would accept the damn thing. Finally the garbage men took it.

    • Jazz – It’s crazy , isn’t it? Those things may be outmoded, but they do still work, yet almost everyone looks down their nose at them. There’s always recycling centres, but then I wonder what really happens there. If no one can use an old TV with tubes, what on earth can recyclers do with those old tubes and other parts that don’t exist in the newest technology??

  3. My old tv – the one that weighed 600lbs and had a grossly big ass end – served as a tv stand for my newer (2nd hand) sleek model for about 6 months before I finally got around to asking somebody (my brother) to help take it downstairs to the garbage area. Within an hour, it was gone (back upstairs to someone else’s apartment!)

    i don’t watch much sports, but I still object to the CBC and TSN broadcasting them on their specialty channels that the ordinary subscriber can’t get without shelling out more money.

    …sorry I ruined the World Cup for you 😦

    • Violet Sky – So how come I can’t find anyone to adopt my old TV? Do I have to send it to Ontario?? ( And here I thought BC was the “hippie-dopesmoking-granola-environmental-recycling” centre of Canada!)
      Hey – not your fault about the World Cup! Who would have thought any of the blogs I read would have a post about it? (You’re always so surprising!) I did get around to watching it a couple of hours ago and even knowing the eventual outcome, it was still pretty exciting. I think I’m a convert to rugby!

  4. We have a 1996 and a 1994. And the problem with them is the damn things never quit. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. We also have an HD box attached to one so we get all the stations, but the picture quality lacks in that it gets cut off at the bottom of the screen so no subtitles or Jeopardy questions can be read. Royal pissoff. Anyway, we have promised ourselves a new big flatscreen TV for Christmas. I can hardly wait. But, it won’t, I suspect, improve the quality of the fare that’s offered. Oh, and my computer, BTW, is five years old.

    • mrwriteon – I know! Those old TVs just don’t die! We took my old, old one to the recycling centre regardless, and this “younger” one will be going there soon as well – but I do feel guilty. I wish I could just give it away, but nobody will take a TV like that any more, even for free. (And after you update your TV, get a new computer, will ya – one that’s maybe only two or three years old??)

  5. I still find myself in the old state you found yourself in until quite recently. I will have to go through the expense of updating myself just like you did. It will be a real awakening. I will watch TV 24 hours a day and night, no doubt. Any program will be interesting to watch. I will become a TV addict, but that’s okay. It will keep me off the streets.

    • Nora – My mom got a brand new big TV and HD box last summer, and that’s exactly what happened: she’s watches it almost 24 hours a day! To be fair, she’s had some health issues and doesn’t get out much, and also doesn’t have a computer, so TV is really her only entertainment. So, my brother and I reasoned, she might as well have the best there is. She’s happy and, yes, she stays off the streets and out of trouble! πŸ˜‰