I’ve fixed my chipped sink.

Yes. Me. All by myself.

And it looks okay … not great, but okay. I think I can live with it.


The before picture:

The after picture:

Of course, you can’t tell a whole lot from these pictures (not least of all the true colour of the sink, which is very, very white), but I think you can see that the chip is much less visible. It’s not perfect as far as repairs go, but it’ll do.

I won’t go into the gory details of the repair job, which include such discoveries as three coats of a porcelain repair product being required, each coat requiring a full 24 hours to dry thoroughly. Or that sinking feeling when realizing that this porcelain repair product, which is applied just like nail polish, drips like hell and drips faster than you would anticipate, considering that is is actually quite thick. Or the steep learning curve to determine that sanding with black sandpaper isn’t exactly a good idea when working on a white product, and will necessitate yet another coat (this would be coat number four) to cover up the black marks left by the first sanding attempt. Which requires yet another 24 hours to dry. Plus yet more sanding once that final coat is dry – but fortunately, light-coloured sandpaper was unearthed in the garage, so there were no black marks this time.

No, no, I won’t tell you about all that.

Or about the slight annoyance of not being able to use my own bathroom sink for almost a week. Or the fact that though the repair product cost only 7$ and tax, plus a lot of my time and effort, since I’d never done anything like this before, a new sink would cost about 45$ and tax, plus NONE of my time and effort, since PG would have put it in. In fact, he offered. He actually told me that it was a pretty easy thing to do. After I’d already started the repair, naturally.

No, I won’t even mention any of that.

Because I’m feeling pretty proud of my mad skilz as a homeowner!

I fixed something on my own. I didn’t ask anyone else to do it for me. I figured it out myself and despite a few (!) glitches, I think I did a fine job, overall. Yay me!

And I think I can live with my repaired sink.

For now, at least. We’ll see how I like it in another week or so.


8 responses to “Chippy

  1. You did a great job. You truly are an inspiration to me. If I every get a chip in my sink, I’ll feel called upon to repair it myself.

    • Nora – Thank you! It did turn out better than I had anticipated, to be quite honest, and it wasn’t really as difficult to do as I had thought it might be. It was only way more time consuming than I had imagined.

  2. You are the empress of sink repair. Yes you are.

    • Jazz – Ah yes, my fame is quickly spreading across the land. Soon they will be clamoring at my door, demanding my expertise … or else demanding payment for something that I forgot to pay for. Either one is a likely scenario, I think.

  3. I’m really impressed. Smart, pretty and now ‘handy’. What a lethal combo!

    • mrwriteon – And let’s not forget my garage door opener repair or my clock repair. I tell ya – I can foresee a whole new career for myself once I retire from teaching!

  4. So when do you start your new reality show on HGTV? 🙂 Ok, seriously, I think you did a great job! Congratulations!

    • Nicky – Thank you! I would do a show on HGTV in a heartbeat – but only if Mike Holmes asked me. That man is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in overalls! Overalls and power tools – mmmmm!