Foggy music

I was on merry way to work the other morning, singing along with my iPod – you know, as you do. I usually have mine on shuffle so that I never know which song will be playing next. It’s always a surprise that way.

I should mention here that it’s now autumn, my least favourite season of the year. It’s kind of a nothing season to me: not sunny and hot like summer, not cold and Christmassy like winter, not full of new life and freshness like spring. Not to belabour the point, but I dislike the fact that in autumn, all the plants are in the process of dying or preparing for winter, I can’t stand knowing that winter’s colder and rainier weather is on its way, and I really hate that it’s cool most mornings but still quite hot in the afternoons so I never know what to wear (sandals or boots? capris or corduroys? sleeveless cotton or long-sleeved wool?).

And this changing temperature is quite apparent in spots on one of my routes to work. The road dips down into a sort of hollow for a couple of blocks, and on autumn mornings, it’s frequently foggy there. I’m not exactly sure what causes fog, and I’m too lazy to google it at the moment, but I do think it has something to do with warmer earth meeting cooler air. (And that would be pretty much the extent of the science unit on meteorology that I remember from Grade 12 … that and also that the weather patterns have a tendency to move from west to east … or maybe it’s east to west? Crap! Now I’ve gotten myself all mixed up!)

Anyway, back to my drive to work. One song had just finished and there was that few seconds of delay till the next song started. At that moment, I crested the hill and started down into that hollow I just mentioned, and into the patch of fog that was sitting in it.

The next song started up. It was “I can see for miles” by The Who.

I giggled at the irony. Wouldn’t that just make the perfect soundtrack for the movie of my life at that very moment?

11 responses to “Foggy music

  1. I too hate autumn! For the last few weeks it’s been freezing when I left for work and boiling by the time I was on my home. Clothing dilemmas abound! I think that part of autumn is over now though. From now on, it’s all about the rain. And the fog. And the greyness. Ugh.

  2. Woman, what are you doing out of bed at 7:30 am, yet alone in your car. Oh ya., you have to work! Sucks to be you!!! Love ya!

    • Reflections – Yes, some of us have regular jobs with regular hours, with the added advantage of a regular paycheque. You’d better be careful: you may end up joining our lowly ranks one of these days!

  3. One night (or early morning, really) I was driving home from the country and took a wrong turn. I ended up driving on a one lane highway (and I use the term highway VERY loosely) that cut through corn fields. I had to crunch some corn to turn the car around. AC/DC’s Highway To Hell started playing just as I was crushing the corn. One of the creepiest moments of my life!

  4. Oh, we think in such a similar way. It’s all genetics, you know. There is a little bit of doggerel by Ezra Pound no less that captures my mood about the change of seasons:

    ‘Winter is icumin in,
    lude sing goddamn.
    Skideth bus and sloppeth us,
    and how the wind doth ram.
    Sing Goddamn, damn, sing goddamn.’

    • mrwriteon – I love that line “Skideth bus and sloppeth us”! It’s really fun to try to say three times fast ( I know, I know, I have too much time on my hands right now …)

  5. Love the irony, hate the season too. But not as much as winter.

    • Jazz – But winter is at least a real season. It stands for something, like cold or snow or rain or whatever. Autumn is somehow just wishy-washy, has no substance. I mean, it can’t even decide if it should be called “autumn” or “fall”!

  6. I would have reshuffled my iPod and hoped for a more appropriate song. You don’t need that much irony so early in the morning. Nobody does. Isn’t there a great song about fog?