It was Porsche Guy’s birthday the other day. His teenage niece made him this cake. Isn’t it amazing?!? It’s SO detailed, and the dark blue is pretty much the same blue as his Porsche! She said it took her all day, and the only part she couldn’t quite manage was the little Stuttgart crest in the middle, as it was so small and she didn’t have the right equipment. Instead, she printed out one that she found on-line then cut out and placed it in the proper place in the middle of her creation. She was pretty pleased with herself, and we were all absolutely astounded at her mad skilz. PG was SO proud of her!

I told her that I would like a BMW cake when my birthday comes around in December. That crest should be a lot easier for her to replicate, I think.

(Oh – and the cake tasted wonderful, too! I think this girl has a successful career just waiting for her in a few years!)


9 responses to “Cake!

  1. Love the cake. The niece has talent…. and I could say a whole lot more but won’t!

  2. I wonder if she could make me a bike since I don’t have a car.

  3. That is awesome! Since everyone is placing their orders, I’ll have the Mercedes. But no cake please. I’m trying to watch my waistline 🙂

  4. How about a Nissan NX2000 cake? Very talented decorator, I must say.

    • mrwriteon – She’s always been a fairly artistic kid, but this cake decorating thing is pretty new … and very appreciated! And yes, she could likely do one of those – well, the logo at least!

  5. Ya think she could make me a red Toyota Matrix cake?