A WHAT happened?

Apparently there was an earthquake in my part of the world again today. It was centred just off Vancouver Island, approximately 400 kilometres, as the crow flies, from where I live. It was a magnitude 6.4, which is not insignificant, but is not super strong and didn’t cause any damage that I have heard of so far. It hit at about 12:30 this afternoon, right when I would have been in the staffroom at work, eating my lunch.

I felt nothing. I completely missed it. The only way I even knew it happened what that DD called me later at work to find out if I’d felt anything, since she hadn’t. And the only way she knew about it was that Twitter or whatever she was paying attention to on her laptop at the time was all over the event.

Or, more precisely, what amounted to a NON-event to DD and I. It seems that people all over southwestern BC and especially Vancouver Island were reporting that they had felt it. People in the American Pacific Northwest were doing the same. Us? Nope. People to the north, south, east and west of us felt it, but we did not. We had to bloody READ about it after the fact.

I feel cheated, in a weird kinda way. If most of the people in my postal code perceive an earthquake, I want to perceive it too! I feel left out, ignored, out of the loop! I want in! Let me in, you earthquake-experiencers! Surely there’s room for one more!

Well, just wait till the next little earthquake then. I’m gonna feel that one, for sure! In fact, I just might cause it, just to ensure that I do experience it properly. I hear small amounts of explosives are pretty easy to acquire these days …


7 responses to “A WHAT happened?

  1. I always miss the quakes, too, Li’l sister. And I too always feel a bit disappointed. Though, mainly I’d like to keep living with my disappointment. And now, dahling, it’s your turn to go over to my place and check out my summer vacation travelogue. Oh, and I do hope the school year started off brilliantly.

  2. We had a 4.5 magnitude earthquake here the other day. It only happens once every ten to twenty years. I didn’t notice a thing, but everybody was talking about it. I thought it was such a little one that it wasn’t worth the commotion. I’m used to California quakes that really rock you. You should have noticed yours, though. It was sizable enough. You must become more alert.

    • Nora – It’s really odd where people felt the shaking and and where they didn’t. As you say, I would have thought that a quake of that magnitude would have been felt everywhere within a certain radius of its epicentre, but that wasn’t the case at all. From what I’ve been reading, it was little pockets here and there where it was felt the most, but where I live and work, there was pretty much nothing. I don’t know if that’s normally what happens, but it did this time.

  3. We enjoyed the same strange occurrence here in NY a couple weeks ago…it was a little bit of a thrill to feel it. But being on the 15th floor of a minor high rise in a minor city and hearing a big “boom” afterward (still don’t know what that was), was also unnerving. Mother nature sure has been cranky.

    • wenderina – That would be awfully scary to be on the 15th floor when an earthquake of ANY size hit! Rationally, I know that buildings are designed to sway with an earthquake and even with the wind, but irrationally, it creeps me out to think of something that I perceive as being extremely solid – moving!

  4. I’m glad you didn’t lose your lunch.