PG’s running shoes

PG and I were out shoe shopping for him last month. He had decided he needed new running shoes, and I was just along for moral support.

So when we’re wandering around the shoe store, he gravitated to these ugly black or dark brown shoes. I’m not even sure if they were runners, but believe me, they were gross. He asked me my opinion. I told him that I thought they were the most unattractive shoes I had ever seen , and that I would not be seen with him if he bought them and dared to wear them outside the privacy of his own home. Or words to that effect.

PG sighed and said, in an exasperated voice, “Well, Ms Fashion, what do YOU think I should get?”

“I don’t know, they’re YOUR shoes. But lots of people who are looking for running shoes seem to get white ones, not pure black things that don’t even LOOK like runners,” I replied.

“Fine,” he muttered, and headed over to a display of white runners.

Now, when I envision white runners, I am not necessarily thinking of snow white runners. I am thinking of runners that are predominantly white, yes, but with perhaps some blue or grey or black or green or pink or whatever accents. You know, like most runners. Maybe something like these:

Or these:

Or, you know what? Even though I personally am not a fan of dark coloured running shoes, I would even go so far as to specify that something like this is okay:

I guess my point is that they all LOOK like running shoes, regardless of the colours. I just happen to prefer mostly white running shoes, that’s all.

But PG then picked out a pair of blindingly white – I don’t know – golf shoe wannabes. Or maybe bowling shoe imitations. They did have a bit of black on the sides, but they sure didn’t look much like regular runners to me. He asked me what I thought. I told him. He got snarky and again challenged me to find him a pair of runners, because obviously when I said white, I didn’t mean white, so what the hell did I actually mean? I shot back that I actually meant that he should find RUNNERS, not old man bowling shoes. He repeated his request that I find him something else then. I said no and left the store.

He bought the white old man bowling shoes.

He’s worn them a few times since that day, and lovingly wipes them off when they get a dark smudge on them. I have tried to step on his feet many times, but he has successfully avoided me to date. (PG is very agile, it seems.) I have teased him mercilessly, and his rejoinder is always a snappy, “I want white shoes so I’m going to keep them white!”

But being a mere man, PG slipped up. Oh yes, he did. He left those spick-and-span white shoes at my house last Sunday, totally by mistake. (He did have another pair of runners on, in case you’re wondering.) I called him as soon as I noticed them, because I didn’t want the ugly things in my house any longer than necessary. Unfortunately, he’s been so busy between work and other commitments that they had to stay here all week until Saturday, when he and two other couples were coming over for a dinner party I was hosting.

So I decorated those shoes for him. I decorated them with stickers and post-its and glitter and ribbons.

PG had a golf tournament this afternoon, so he left right around noon. He forgot his stupid shoes AGAIN.

And now I’m wondering what else I can do to them.


8 responses to “PG’s running shoes

  1. I personally hate those white shoes that have the bright, colour accents and mesh bits that let in the rain or dew. I always go for the … black ones. That way, my feet don’t always look as if they are sheathed in runners, but they are comfortable.

    • VioletSky – I’ve never had a pair with the mesh bits, and I have to say I’m not completely sold on them either. I do like a splash of colour though – my current running shoes are white (I should say WERE white) with light pink lines here and there on them. But then, I only wear my running shoes at the gym or when I’m doing a power walk, not every day, all-day.

  2. They aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they were gong to be, but maybe that is because of your decorating efforts. Don’t worry, you won’t look like a fool beside him when he wears those runners. He won’t even look like a fool. He is a stubborn man, isn’t he? It could be that you’re both stubborn…

    • Nora – I suppose it’s all a matter of taste, isn’t it? But I still think those shoes have very little going for them – except, as you say, my wonderful decorating. I wonder if he’ll take any of it off – or, more likely, if he’ll leave those shoes at my house forever!

  3. OMG, those really are too freakin’ white! Do you have any of those Christmas flower/bow things? You could stick those on there too. 🙂

    • Nicky – Oh yes, I have Christmas bows. Many, many, MANY Christmas bows. I don’t know how on earth I forgot about them to cover up the whiteness that is those damn shoes – good idea!

  4. I always try to find grey running shoes. Because white is just so damn blinding. And when I do get white ones, the idea is to rub them around in mud so they don’t look so damned… white.

    • Jazz – Yes, that is what you do with white runners. Everybody knows this. Now, will you please try to tell PG for me? He refuses to listen to me!