My last two weeks of vacation

Two more weeks until schools reopen for another year around here. That means only two more weeks of vacation and freedom for me – and only two more weeks of no salary coming in, thank goodness. I’m getting so tired of watching my bank balance get lower and lower.

And what do I have planned for the last two weeks of my summer holidays?

Well, I have two spa appointments booked (speaking of my dwindling bank balance!), one with DD and the other with my buddy BFJ. The latter will also involve a hotel sleepover and several restaurant meals and perhaps a couple of festive beverages, as usual.

My brother and sister-in-law will be visiting for a few days this week. Although they’ll be staying at my mom’s, I’m sure we’ll be spending a fair bit of time together. This may include several lunches or dinners and again, perhaps a couple of festive beverages, either at my mom’s or at my place.

Both BFJ and my brother are celebrating birthdays in the next two weeks. We don’t do expensive gifts or anything, but I do spend a lot of time at my favourite card shop to choose the perfect birthday cards for each of them. Then I actually MAIL the cards. I know, I know – that’s SO ten years ago – but I don’t care. I like getting birthday cards in the mail (actually, I like getting anything except bills in the mail. I particularly like getting cheques, but sadly, that is quite infrequent.)

I’m having a dinner party next weekend, then PG and I will be going to a friend’s barbecue the weekend after that.

At some point in there, I’ll be returning to my doctor to get the results of my recent back x-ray so that I’ll finally know (I hope!) what the hell is going on with my lower back and what I should be doing about it.

I’m still making a semi-valiant effort to lose the weight that I’d put on since last winter, the weight that I finally decided to do something about when PG and I got back from our road trip. For that, I have been faithfully working out at the gym three days a week, and power walking with DD most days in between (and sometimes also on the gym days). So far, I think I’ve lost eight pounds, but more importantly, I’m feeling much better. So that regimen will continue for the foreseeable future, with the likely addition of once-a-week Pilates and yoga classes – but only if I remember to register for those classes sometime within the next two weeks. (I’ve only been planning this for the past two weeks, but somehow, I keep forgetting to get online and register. At this rate, those classes will already be full! Freudian slip, maybe?)

Then, of course, there’s the regular grocery-shopping and cooking and housecleaning and doing laundry that I deal with year-round. I just spread it all out more during the summer, so I don’t tire myself out by doing two things in one day! There’s also time spent with PG, and with DD, and with my friends, most of which happens pretty spontaneously these days. In addition, there’s the time I spend reading or with my laptop … like right now. I have to keep THAT up, of course, addict that I have become!

And that’s how I’m planning to spend my last two weeks of vacation. Unless I come up with something better … or win the lottery.


11 responses to “My last two weeks of vacation

  1. Summer breaks here are only six weeks and the parents complain that those are too long because the kids become so unstructured. In California they were three months long and my kids forgot everything they learned. I didn’t mind. I liked having them home.

  2. It sounds like you have good plans for the last two weeks of your summer vacation. If I were you, I’d not look forward to going back to work after all that time off. I know you need the money, but you’re going to win the lottery, right? It seems to me that you know how to enjoy your time off well enough too, so that would be no problem. Could I become your best friend then?

    • Nora – It is really tough to get back into work mode after eight or nine weeks off, definitely. I think Canada should switch to a system like in many other countries of the world, where summer break is shorter, Christmas and Spring Breaks are a bit longer, and there are mini-vacation periods of maybe four or five days spaced throughout the school year. That would be better for kids’ learning – and teachers’ bank accounts!

  3. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the remainder of your vacation. Although, winning the lottery would help extend it past two weeks. Good luck with that, and don’t forget us little people when you’re rolling in dough! BTW, congratulations on the weight loss and feeling better!

    • Nicky – I’ve often thought that even if (when?) I do win the lottery, I would probably want to keep on working for a while. Most people laugh uproariously when I tell them that, but I really think that I’d like to keep a few of my routines until I figured out what exactly my next big move would be , now that money was no longer an object in my life. I think that might take – oh, a week, tops.

  4. Well, of course, winning the lottery is out for you because it’s ‘my’ turn! And your schedule for the next two weeks looks more demanding than a regular work schedule, to me. But I’m an indolent and self-indulgent bastard. Or so, I think, Wendy believes. When I was a kid the only shining aspect of this otherwise depressing late part of summer was the PNE.

    • mrwriteon – The PNE, hmm? I haven’t been for about five years now, as I think it’s only a shadow of what it used to be and isn’t much fun now. It was late summer ritual back in the day, though, for me too. That and getting a new outfit for the first day of school – something very autumnal that was entirely out of place, given that the outdoor temperature was usually still quite warm when school started.

  5. I think you should definitely plan on winning the lottery in the next couple of weeks. 🙂

  6. A whole summer off. How I envy you.

    • Jazz – Yes, but the question is: would you spend 6 or 7 hours a day the rest of the year with other people’s kids between the ages of 4 and 13 to get it?