Just thinking …

This is a random mess of thoughts that I’ve had running around in my head lately. I have to get them out, so …

Why is my internet connection so effing slow lately??? I feel like I’m back in 1995 with a dial-up connection! It’s just so frustrating watching that little coloured wheel spin round and round while my page loads at an infinitely slow pace. DD thinks we need a new router. So now routers are obsolete as often as computers? This technology stuff is a pain sometimes.

Why is it that so many people think it’s okay not to signal their turns when they’re driving around, especially at the weekends? I cannot count the number of times this weekend that vehicles abruptly turned or changed lanes in front of me while I was out and about. It’s ridiculous! And nine times out of ten, if I get a good look at the driver (to glare menacingly at them, of course), they’re talking on the phone. A phone that is not hands-free. Or they are texting. Or they are mucking with their iPods. All of which means they are breaking the law. And not a cop in sight. How does that citizen’s arrest thing work, I wonder?

Is there some unwritten rule that says that senior ladies MUST park themselves right next to me, if not right on top of me, at the gym? I mean, that’s great that they’re at the gym, doing the machines the best they can, but really, why can’t they go to a machine on the other side of the room? There are only two of us here! Maybe I need to change to a co-ed gym. Then I can also have the senior men crowding me.

I wish I liked drinking water more. It would be cheaper and healthier. But I kinda don’t like the taste of water and I just can’t make myself drink it very much. And I can’t understand these people who cheerily chug down litres of water every day, who always carry a water bottle with them wherever they go. Don’t they ever have to pee?

It’s interesting that PG has been ranting angrily about various topics far more than usual since we got back from our roadtrip in mid-July. DD has been doing the same thing all summer long. I have not. I think this is because both of them are working at the moment and I am not. The message here may very well be, if you want to be more mellow and even-tempered, don’t work.

And finally, why won’t people realize how far and how effing LOUD their voices carry at night? I live across the street from a pizza place that stays open late. PG lives across the street from a pub that stays open late. It’s usually the people who are leaving these places that are so noisy. And they’re often yelling at each other about the fact that it’s late and they should be getting home now. Yeah, well, some of us are ALREADY at home, and we’re trying to sleep, so SHUT UP!

Okay, my head’s a little clearer. I’ll go think up some different thoughts now.


17 responses to “Just thinking …

  1. Loud voices at night annoy me too we get quite a bit of it here. There was a pub in the road behind me when I first moved here and we used to hear fights at chucking out time regularly on a friday or saturday night. After changing hands several times in swift succession it closed down and was converted to flats so it is a lot better round here now – although tonight there seems to have been a lot of loud conversations going on out there on the streets.

    • Alienne – And last night I learned that the automatic sprinkler system where I live has just been modified: now, the sprinklers on my side of the driveway are set for 4 am Saturday nights (actually, Sunday mornings). They spray for 15 minutes, then another set starts on the other side of the driveway for another 15 minutes. This all happens just outside my bedroom window, which, naturally, is open wide because it’s been quite warm lately. Previously to this, they were set for something like 9 pm on Sunday evenings, which didn’t disturb nearly as much. Sigh …

  2. I drink water. We get bottles of Volvic for free at work so everyone drinks it 🙂

  3. I’m a water person. I drink it all day long and aside from a glass of milk and some juice once in a while, it’s all I drink. Sometimes I add some flavour via juice to my water because I get bored of the ‘nothing’ taste. Do you have Ribena in Canada? If so that is good mixed with sparkling water. I also like mango nectar and sparkling water too. It makes it like an expensive flavoured water, but for less cost and you can control the dilution amount, plus you still get a serving of water. Though, I’ve read research that indicates that drinking straight water isn’t really that necessary if you drink enough other beverages like coffee, tea or juice. But don’t drink soda, it’s bad news all around.

    • Kimberly – Sparkling water IS better than regular, flat water, so maybe that’s a better option for me, especially if I take your suggestion and add Ribena (yes, we have that here) or some other juice to it. I could almost pretend that it’s a “normal” drink then!

  4. water is tasty. and not always in a good way.
    as for loud noises, people often think that if you live higher up (in a building) there will be less sound when actually, there can be more noise as sound travels upwards.

    • VioletSky – Absolutely it’s noisier the higher up you get, even on the second floor as opposed to the ground floor. I know: my bedroom is right above my kitchen, and what I barely hear down there is clear as a bell upstairs.

  5. You have problems, I have solutions!
    People not using turn signals: Keep a carton of eggs in the car. Lob one at the idiot who doesn’t use his/her blinker.

    Senior ladies crowding you : Cough loudly, right at them. Don’t cover your mouth. Don’t turn your head.

    Don’t like water: Try adding lemon slices to your water to liven it up a bit. And gin.

    I swear, I should start a “Dear Nicky” column. 🙂

    • Nicky – You truly are a font of wisdom. I bow before your wide-ranging expertise – and I toast you with my gin-flavoured water!

  6. I don’t much like the taste of water either and hardly ever drink it unless it’s cold in a tall glass with ice cubes in it. Somehow that makes it an acceptable beverage, preferable with a twist of lime. A plain glass of water from the kitchen faucet makes me feel like I’m drowning, though I’m sure I’d love it if I were very thirsty and there was nothing else to drink.

    • Nora – I’ve tried the ice cubes and the splash of lemon or lime in my water and I still don’t like it much. But I suspect I’m like you in that if I were very thirsty and all there was to drink was water, I’d be perfectly content to drink the stuff.

  7. In that first paragraph, I read 1955…

    • Silly Jazz, that’s not even possible! I wasn’t even born in 1955! (But I’m not sure: maybe the Intarnets was already a twinkle in its daddy’s eye that year?)

  8. I hate the sound of voices at night. It reminds me of my parents fighting when I was a kid. They did a lot of that. The only voice I like to hear at night is a female one in my ear making offers I cannot refuse.

    Love the cartoon at the end of your blog, dear sister. I think it’s hilarious.

    • mrwriteon – If that’s the only voice you like hearing at night, it’s a good thing you don’t live near a brothel then. I don’t suppose Wendy would like that much.