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My doctor appointment to check out my back was yesterday. Well, to be fair, it was also for my yearly physical. But my doctor “allows” her patients to bring up one or two other concerns at any one appointment. Yes, “allows”. There are notices all over the walls reminding all patients of this “rule”. I guess I understand why (time restraints), but why should I have to make one more appointment just because I have a third concern? What kind of doctor is going to look a patient in the eye and say, “Oh, sorry, I can’t hear about your possibly cancerous mole right now. You’ve used up your allotted two concerns. Off you go now. Make another appointment if you really want to show it to me.”

However, I had actually told the receptionist that I needed a physical AND to talk about my back pain, so the time was properly assigned. I think. I don’t know for sure. You see, I arrived pretty much AN HOUR LATE for my appointment.

Somehow, I believed that I was to be there for 11 am. I KNEW it. As I was walking over to the office, it did occur to me that I hadn’t even checked my calendar, but I quickly dismissed the thought, because I KNEW my appointment was for 11 am. Except it was for 10:10 am.

After my flurry of apologies and the attempt to make another appointment, the receptionist said that maybe they could still fit me in anyway. And they did! I had to wait, of course, as they worked around the other patients who had presumably all shown up on time, but I had my physical and had my back seen to, and left the office at 12:15, armed with a requisition for x-rays.

I hurried home and grabbed some lunch, then headed off to the hospital for the x-rays. I was anticipating a long wait there, as it’s first come, first served. I brought a book to read and everything! But to my great surprise, I was in and out within fifteen minutes! I didn’t even have time to take my book out of my bag, never mind read a couple of pages. I was told that the results will be in within five working days, so I should go back to see my doctor next week.

So I left the hospital, a bit miffed that I’d paid for an entire hour of parking. But you know, I can’t really complain about our medical system at this point. I think I actually had great service yesterday. I think my doctor’s office really went above and beyond what could reasonably be expected when a patient screws up the time of an appointment. And to basically walk in, get x-rayed, and then walk out of a hospital x-ray clinic? Unheard of!

Now, if only my back would give me that same kind of efficient PAINLESS service all the time!


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  1. Oops!

    At my doctors I usually have to wait an hour (for a five minute appointment!) so last time I was pleasantly surprised when I turned up 5 minutes early for my appointment only to be seen by the doctor instantly! I actually left the surgery before I had been due to see the doc. Amazing!

    • bevchen – Early? Wow! That’s a rare occasion. They are usually running really late at my doctor’s office as well, and the waiting room is packed with patients. So I guess this was payback for all the times they’ve made me wait when I was there on time!

  2. I hope they find a way to fix you real quick. Cause back pain is so, well, like Ian said: exhausting.

    • Jazz – It’ll be interesting to see what the issue actually is, after all these years. In the meantime, it has been suggested that I build up my back strength and flexibility with either yoga or Pilates – both of which, I have since discovered, are VERY expensive.

  3. Wow, you have a benevolent medical office. I did the same thing about 6 months ago, and when I asked to be slotted in as it was only for a prescription renewal, they basically said “Screw you, not a chance,” and I had to rebook. I was pissed but did concede the fault was mine.

    As for you back, my dear, may you soon find relief. Things like that are so exhausting.

    • mrwriteon – It’s much, much, much better now, thank you. I’m back at the gym again and moving normally (or what passes for normal movement chez moi, I guess). It’s still somewhat stiff and ouchy in the mornings and if I sit for a while, but it’s no longer that all-encompassing, intense pain.