Adventures in vacuuming

My mom was coming over for dinner, so along with making sure I had her favourite beer in the house (Coors Light, in case you’re wondering), I had to clean the house. That meant vacuuming.

I hauled out the vacuum and started upstairs. I worked my way down to the main floor. And there the vacuum died. Just died. It made one small sad “rowr”, then nothing.

And funnily enough, I had just been to my local vacuum shop (what – doesn’t everybody have one of those across the street?) to pick up some filter bags for my vacuum. There, the saleswoman had asked my how old my vacuum was, and when I told her that it was almost ten years old, she cautioned me that I really should bring it in for servicing. She explained what they actually did to service that type of vacuum, and what could happen if I didn’t have it serviced: I could blow the motor. At the time, I smiled and nodded, thinking that I had never heard of anyone blowing the motor of their vacuum, so I certainly wasn’t going to worry about that. And off I went home, with my package of filter bags.

But now. Now her words rang as prophesies in my head. Had I really blown my poor vacuum’s motor?

I took it in to the same shop and explained the problem. Of course the same saleswoman was there, but I spoke to the guy who actually does the repairs. He told me quite bluntly that if it was the motor, I should just purchase a new vacuum. To the tune of about 1000$ for the same type of vacuum. I must have looked horrified, as he quickly went on to say that in his experience, very few motors of this type of vacuum were ever wrecked. He even hazarded a guess that it might just be something in the power cord, which would cost about 100$ to repair, labour included.

And that’s exactly what it turned out to be, some minor disconnection in the power cord, simply due to wear and tear. It was replaced that very day and I was able to finish vacuuming before my mom showed up.

But maybe I shouldn’t have. Today my lower back has seized up painfully again – my same old reoccurring problem. Interestingly enough, this is exactly four weeks after my last chiropractic treatment (remember I was trying monthly preventative visits to the chiropractor?). Either the vacuuming really did do something to my prone-to-pain back, or my back is simply telling me that it LIKES the chiropractor every month so why the hell didn’t I make that July appointment when I was there in June?

Okay back, okay. I’ll make the appointment … but it’ll take me a while to get over to the phone.


8 responses to “Adventures in vacuuming

  1. So sorry about your back. But, as for your vacuum, my old Electrolux is 20 this year and still going strong. Mind you, I’ve rewired the switch twice, and last time I simply bypassed it and said to hell with it. And also fixed a loose connection on the motor. Now, it’s sort of like me. Kind of aged and cobbled together, but the bits still work. Just ask my wife.

    • mrwriteon – Do you also know how to avoid ever getting this sharp shooting lower back pain again? Now THAT would be yet another useful skill to cultivate in my next life! However, the back is quite a bit better today (it should be, after three days of forced immobility and maximum rest, a chiropractic treatment and of course, drugs). It looks like I will live to vacuum another day.

  2. I hope your back is as easily fixed as your vacuum cleaner, but a little more cheaply than that. Thank goodness those new bags you bought now won’t go to waste. Surely you wouldn’t have bought the same expensive model, right?

    • Nora – I quite like my vacuum cleaner, so I probably would have bought the same one. Although it was expensive ten years ago when I bought it, it cleans super-well and is fairly light and easy to manage, so I think it was worth every penny. And now I’ll get many more years of service out of it, hopefully.

  3. What an exciting life you lead! Dead vacuum cleaners and painful backs. I’m sure there’s a lesson in this somewhere – maybe: don’t vacuum?

    But since you seem to like doing so, my place is in dire need of vacuuming, I’ll even provide many cocktails – which should ease the pain in your back.

    See? I have it all figured out.

    • Jazz – Right now I’m on a muscle relaxant for the back, so unfortunately, the cocktails will have to wait, never mind future vacuuming. But thank you for your kind offer! 😀

  4. Your life is full of co-incidences, isn’t it?!!
    At least you were able to carry the beer into the house before all this drama happened!