California dreamin’

So Porsche Guy and I are heading down the Pacific Coast through Oregon to Northern California on a road trip. I’m hoping we don’t annoy the hell out of each other. I mean, two weeks together, 24/7, would do any couple in! A friend actually suggested that we travel in separate cars. I’m still thinking about it …

One of PG’s – um – qualities is that he is quite spontaneous. He likes to go where the wind blows him, to keep his options open, to wander at will. He may or may not have a destination in mind, but it’s always open to discussion.

I, on the other hand, am a planner. Oh Lord, am I a planner! If I am planning a trip, I have purchased guidebooks, have mapped out a rough itinerary and budget, have researched and paid for flights or train travel, and have reserved accommodations for my destination (at least the first one, if I’ll be travelling around) at least four months in advance. That is how I operate best. Planning makes me happy. Planning makes my travel experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable. I can deviate from my proposed plan, and have done so many times, but I really want to have that initial plan in place.

As you can see, PG and I are polar opposites when it comes to travel.

So I have tried to compromise. I agreed to just bring the GPS. I minimized our brief discussions to “So when do you want to leave and when do you want to come home?” and “How much time do you want to spend in San Francisco?” and “Napa Valley or Sonoma Valley?”

But the cracks started to show.

I bought a couple of guidebooks and pored over them alone at night, by my bedside lamp.

I slunk into my local BCAA office and quietly requested paper maps and tour books.

I began researching online various tourist attractions that appealed to me to determine best deals and prices.

And now, I am lost. I have planned out an itinerary. I have mapped out a route. I have reserved our first night’s accommodation in Oregon, a four-night stay in San Francisco, AND a tour of Alcatraz and Angel Island. I have made copious lists. I have written other things in a notebook. I have added things to my iPod Touch calendar. I have borrowed DD’s camera and learned how to use it. I have bought a US travel pack for my mobile phone – and I have never even taken my phone on vacation with me before! PG really doesn’t care one bit and is snickering at all this. I think he knew my attempt to be totally impromptu couldn’t last.

I hope I don’t forget to bring my various chargers. And my carkeys.

See you in a couple of weeks!


4 responses to “California dreamin’

  1. I’m somewhere between you and PG. I would bring maps and then follow my nose and not plan too much. I would not plan outings ahead of time and there’s always a hotel to be found.

    Have a great trip. You’re going to my favorite region.

  2. You’ll have a wonderful time, dear sister, and other sister, Jazz’s advice is valid. Go ‘avec le flow’ (as she would say) and have a deservedly wonderful time. Can hardly wait to hear that it’s gone swimmingly. Meanwhile, we just booked Kona today for late August and I’m already getting anticipatory.

  3. Wow. You go through an awful lot of trouble for a road trip. Me, I’m more like PG – I have an idea of what I want to see and I pretty much go with the flow.

  4. Have FUN!
    I understand both sides, but I have also been so spontaneous that I ended up missing seeing some great things that If I’d only done a wee bit of research beforehand I would have known about. You may end up complementing each other nicely. Or travelling home alone.