Note to self: when attempting to pour just a dribble of water into a hanging basket in which there is a nest of fledgling finches, JUST DON’T!

Young birds startle extremely easily and are prone to flying up into one’s face (and yes, they are very fluttery soft). One baby finch will, in fact, fly right into the open door of one’s home.

This will scare the shit out of you, even though you KNEW the damn finches were there and even though you KNEW you shouldn’t water the stupid hanging basket despite it looking pretty scruffy and dry already. You will scream and make all kinds of ridiculous noises and drop your watering can on the front porch while the little birds and their parents scold you and flutter alarmingly about. You will squeal yet again when the finch who found its way into your house scrambles out just as you yourself jump inside and start to shut the door.

Some of the family will find you out on the balcony near the front door, still chirping nastily and hopping on the railing closer and closer to you, till you hastily head back indoors to hide. Your heart will not stop pounding for a good twenty minutes.

I am totally NOT cut out to co-exist with birds in such close quarters.


15 responses to “Eeeeek!

  1. You see how these little birds have to be so fierce. They have to protect themselves against silly humans with watering cans that get them dripping wet. I hope they all made it back to the nest safely. I’m sure they aren’t ready to fly out. Give up on the basket and buy a new one when they have.

    • Nora – Of course you are right and I should listen to you! I do have that pesky stubborn streak in me, though, and I apparently need to learn things the hard way. But no more watering now, for sure!

  2. Hah! Woops! My parents used to always have Starlings which would come in through their chimney and fly all over the place! It was always quite the “experience” trying to push them outside!

    • Pauline – I was so glad that this bird managed to get back out the without my help! I would NOT have liked being forced to assist him!

  3. Get yourself one of those fetching wide brimmed hats with a bit of mosquito netting artfully draped … then take pictures. btw, where are the pics of the babies??

    • VioletSky- I would love to take some photos to post, but I can’t get very close to the basket right now – unless I want a small bird in the face again. Which I don’t, strangely enough.

  4. they are flying already?!
    I guess this was a case of sink or swim… or fly away since birds don’t swim (you did know that didn’t you?)

    • VioletSky – Yes, that I knew, thanks! Yeah, somehow I completely missed the screaming chick stage of their lives. Not sure how that happened at all, but there it is: baby birds fluttering around but not quite ready to leave the nest. But as Jazz notes, they WILL be leaving soon-ish.

  5. But if the babies are flying, they’ll be gone soon. Silver lining and all.

  6. What Alienne said!

  7. Aaah, you are being bullied by midgets!!

  8. I love you, dear sister, but I wish I’d been there to see that. Did you have to change your pants afterwards?

    • mrwriteon – No, but I sure scared the little girls across the street. I don’t think their parents will allow them to talk to me alone any more!