Open and shut case

You may recall that I had to replace my garage door opener just after Christmas last year.

Well, it’s been acting up for the past month or two. It always opens nicely, but sometimes it doesn’t close properly. The door will go down, stop about 10 centimetres from the bottom, then pop back up. At that point, I check to make sure that nothing is blocking the door, as this is a safety feature of garage door openers: if the photo-eyes or whatever they are called sense something in the way, like a dog or small child, the door will not close and simply opens again. Once whatever has blocked the photo-eyes has been removed, the door will close as it’s supposed to.

Except that there is nothing in the way in my garage. I have even swept away cobwebs and wiped down the (yucky) bottom of the garage door, but it hasn’t helped. The door still sometimes refuses to close.

And the thing is that this problem has been sporadic. Sometimes the door works perfectly, sometimes it takes eight or ten tries for it to close. And then I worry about burning out the motor – because you know, I don’t have enough to worry about.

So now that I am officially on my summer holidays, I thought I should actually do something about this. This morning I called the company that installed the opener, thinking that it was surely still under warranty after only six months, and also that I would be home for a technician to come and look at the thing.

Well, apparently there is no such thing as a warranty with this company. I was rather incredulous when the woman who answered the phone told me that a service call would be almost 100$. I protested that the opener had only been installed last December, that it seemed rather ridiculous that they wouldn’t send someone out to readjust an opener that they had installed themselves. She just repeated the cost of a service call, and suggested that the sensors might simply not be looking at each other so I should try realigning them to see if the door then worked properly.

Fine. I went into the garage – in my housecoat, I might add, because I am on vacation now and I do not get dressed at the ungodly hour of 8:30 am – and poked and prodded those sensors. They didn’t move, of course, being rather firmly bolted to the rails on which the garage door slides. How could the sensors get misaligned if they couldn’t move in the first place?

But I dutifully tried opening and closing the door.

The sucker worked like a charm.

I tried it again.

Again, it worked flawlessly.

I have apparently fixed something, somehow. I am awesome.


4 responses to “Open and shut case

  1. Well, you are awesome in ever so many ways, dear. But, as for the garage door. Mine is weather impacted. When it is cold and crappy out (our default weather this year) it does exactly what yours does. When it is balmy on those rare days, it’s smooth as silk.

    • mrwriteon – Oh, well, now that might take my happy away. This has been a lovely, warm day , so it is conceivable that my door has behaved so politely today simply because it, like your door, prefers this weather. I guess I’ll be able to tell for sure on the next cold, crappy day!

  2. Awesomeity becomes you.