Last day of school

You know how sometimes you’re excited about something like, say, the last day of school? How sometimes you’re more excited than you thought you were? How sometimes you get into the restaurant where you’re meeting your colleagues for breakfast, you sit down with the menu, then idly wonder where your car keys are? How you start ferreting in your various pockets, then more frantically in your purse, looking for those keys? How you then dump the contents of your purse on the table, while people sitting near you look on with more and more concern? How you finally decide that you must have left them in the ignition of your car so you run out into the parking lot, hoping that your car is still there, since you obviously made it so very easy for someone to steal it? How you get to your locked car and peer inside at no keys in the ignition and then have a REAL panicky thought that you have absolutely NO IDEA where those keys are? Then how you reflexively put your hands in the pockets of your hoodie – and place your left hand directly on the no-longer-missing keys? And then how you have to go back into the restaurant and sheepishly tell your colleagues that yes, you found your car keys right in the pocket where you always put them after you lock your car?

No? You don’t know what that’s like?


It must be just me, then.


10 responses to “Last day of school

  1. Sweetie, it so isn’t just you… Unfortunately. I seem to spend half my time searching for ”misplaced” stuff. And the other half of my time searching for stuff I REALLY misplaced.

    • Jazz – Yes, but you’ve just moved, so naturally you’ve “misplaced” stuff … though I wonder how long that excuse is actually valid?

  2. Not just you, darlin’ The only thing that is worse is (pre-programmable keys days) is locking your car doors behind you, then groping for your keys in your pocket, and then looking back at the locked car and seeing the keys sitting smugly in the ignition. That’s something you do once, but only once. Sort of like (if you’re male) catching ‘yourself’ in your zipper. Only once!

    • mrwriteon – Oooh, yeah, locking the car door with the key left in the ignition was always a possibility back in the day, wasn’t it? My dad instilled such fear into my teenage heart that I never, ever did that. Of course, I was driving a vintage 1969 Valiant whose passenger door didn’t lock anyway, so if I had done it, I could have simply strolled over to that side of the car, opened the door and reached in to grab the keys … which now begs the question, why did I bother to lock the driver door if the passenger door didn’t lock??

  3. No it’s not just you! I do it a lot too; especially with my mobile. I end up ringing myself trying to find it – and it is always in my handbag, even though I have turned it out looking for the damn thing already! My daughters just roll their eyes.

    • Alienne – Come to think of it, I have done that exact same thing with my mobile – and my sunglasses, and my iPod, and my wallet. So I suppose it was just the keys’ turn this time.

  4. Oh dear. Yes, been there. Except I would have lied about finding them in the ignition or on the floor…

  5. But what a relief you must have felt even if you felt sheepish. Don’t worry, it sounds like something I would have done and I know that I’m easily forgiven for it. I’m a blond after all and it’s expected of me.

    • Nora – I just can’t understand how I didn’t find the damn keys when I was turning my pockets inside out in the first place! It’s not like they’re easy to mistake for something else or be missed entirely!