Things that go bump in the night

Two nights ago, I was awoken by a banging noise. It was about 12:45 am, and I’d been fast asleep for maybe an hour and a half. I sat up in bed, a bit disoriented, trying to figure out what was going on. The noise was sporadic, loud once in a while but mostly muted, kind of metally, kind of scratchy. It sounded like it was coming from downstairs.

I got out of bed and stood there, listening. Nothing. I peeked outside. Nothing. I waited. Then I heard another couple of soft thumps. I went into the hallway. Now it sounded like it was on the roof or in the attic. That certainly wouldn’t be good, I remember thinking. That might be squirrels in the attic, which my neighbours have had a couple of times. Apparently they’re tough to get rid of.

Oh well, I said to myself, mentally shrugging my shoulders. Can’t do anything about it at nearly one in the morning. It was quiet now, anyway. I went back to bed.

At 2:45 am, I was startled awake again. There was another soft thumpy noise. Again, it sounded as if it were coming from the hallway – or maybe the attic or outside up on the roof. Okay, I really had no idea where it was coming from, actually – come on, it was quarter to three in the morning and I’d been woken up twice by whatever it was! Of course I wasn’t thinking too clearly at that point. Regardless, I also had no idea what was making the noise.

Anyway, I sat there momentarily in the dark, pondering this mystery. Then I heard a definite scratching noise. Was it coming from … under my bed?!

I turned on the bedside lamp. I looked down. DD’s hamster skittered across the floor from under my bed.

I scooped the little rodent up and popped her back into her plastic bin in DD’s office. I rearranged her stuff so that she couldn’t get a good toehold on anything to climb out again. I positioned the lid better, weighting it down at the corners with some heavy books. I still had to leave a space open so that the hamster could breathe. Nothing worse than going to feed your hamster and there it is, dead from lack of oxygen.

And then yesterday after dinner, DD and I went out and bought some chicken wire to clamp very securely onto the top of the bin to prevent any more hamster escapes.

It worked. I slept right through the night last night, and the hamster was safely there in her bin this morning.


8 responses to “Things that go bump in the night

  1. That’s why you should have a dog. They’re much less work than hamsters. Though, of course, you don’t have to ‘walk’ a hamster.

    • mrwriteon – Actually, the hamster is very little work – for me, at least. DD does whatever needs doing for the critter!

  2. I’m glad it was only a hamster. That’s a fairly harmless animal and easily caught. Maybe it needs a bigger cage with more entertainment.

    • Nora – I thought the hamster HAD a big bin with lots of things to do and explore in there. Apparently that wasn’t enough. DD is now considering an even bigger bin. Her office is pretty crammed already, so I don’t know where she is thinking of putting a bigger bin – in the middle of the living room?!

  3. Our previous hamster used to escape. We had to take up a floorboard to get the damn thing out the first time; the next time she ended up in a gap behind a fitted unit while trying to get into the vegetable rack. It took us 18 hours to find her – we finally heard the scratching late a night when it was really quiet. There was no third time – I put a padlock on her cage.

    • Alienne – I had no idea that hamsters were such tricky little escape artists. Hopefully the chicken wire top will do the job and this particular hamster will stay put now. It’s just too hard on my sleeping patterns when she scarpers!

  4. Well, I totally understand the hamster. C’mon a bin is quite quickly explored! that’s an adventurous hamster you got there…

    • Jazz – It’s a large bin, and that hamster has more toys and accessories and STUFF than DD had when she was little! I think she’s just an adventurous hamster, as you say. Also, she’s a good climber.