About that bird…

I just checked the hanging basket at my front door that has become the home of a noisy little finch. There are now eggs. Four wee brownish eggs. This finch is an expectant mother.


It is apparently very bad to move a nest with eggs in it.

Crap again.

There will soon be even noisier baby finches along with their noisy mother – who may start divebombing anyone who approaches my front door in order to protect her offspring.

There will be birdcrap in and around my hanging basket and on my front porch. True, finches are tiny, but crap is crap, even if it isn’t copious amounts of the stuff.

And worst of all, it’s soon going to be REALLY difficult to water that basket.

(But DD and I will get to be godmothers to four little babies. That’s gotta count for something, don’t you think?)


16 responses to “About that bird…

  1. do you have a garden hose? you could gently spray the basket and mama might think it was just raining. they are used to rain, I’m sure. I like the webcam idea.

    • VioletSky – I can’t believe I never thought of using my garden hose! I even have a “shower” setting on the nozzle, which would simulate rain rather nicely. Thank you for the idea!

  2. Tilly wants to move in with you. She will guard the nest!

    • Katyboo – Send her over! I will feed her and give her a bed in exchange for her guarding the nest and somehow watering the hanging basket without getting attacked.

  3. Being step-parents to baby birds earns you all places in Heaven. God told me that when I was last chatting with him over a latte.

    • mrwriteon – That’s some consolation because of course, I’ll never be featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine now, because that hanging basket is not going to look so good in a while …

  4. Aww, that’s sweet! My sister and BIL had a tiny camera in their birdbox to watch some bluetits with their eggs and hatchlings – it was really interesting to watch them. And it will only be a few weeks – maybe you should try and stick a tube in the basket quick so you can water from a distance for the duration.

    • Alienne – That’s a good idea, sticking a tube in the basket as soon as possible. I’ll have to try to find something suitable. And you’re right: it’ll only be for a couple of weeks, so it’s really not that inconvenient – and I may actually enjoy it!

  5. But finches are cute. And you’re gonna be a grandma!

    Look a the good side… um… look at the good side…. you know, nature and all that stuff.

  6. I’ve had this happen to me too. It pretty much sucked. And it was really bad because the plant died and I couldn’t move it because the birds were in there still. So, we were constantly being shooed away by the birds and looked trashy with a dead plant hanging on our porch. Fun.

    • Kimberly – I managed to give the basket a little water this afternoon – after carefully ascertaining the location of the nest, of course! The mama bird wasn’t too happy, but I tried to be quick. Despite her noise, she survived, the plants are still alive, and hopefully the babies are fine too.

  7. Finches are cuuuute though, surely that has to be a bright side?

    • bevchen – They are cute little birds, you’re right. I do enjoy watching the tiny things flit about. It would have been much less palatable if it had been, say, a crow’s nest in my basket (not that the basket is big enough for that, but I’m sure you get my point.).

  8. School is almost over… may be a perfect time to go on holiday

    • VioletSky – But then I might miss something! (I always hate to be out of the loop, you know. I have this need to know what’s going on always, whether it actually concerns me or not.)