What do you mean?

On my commute to work this morning, in the pouring rain (of course it was raining. What else would the weather be like in Vancouver in June?), I was stopped at a light, waiting to turn left. There was one car in front of me, also waiting to turn left. There was a lot of traffic coming in the other direction, so I had time to daydream a little and look around.

My gaze landed upon this magnet on the back of the car ahead of me in the left turn queue.

My first thought was, “Is that sign a take-off on those silly BABY ON BOARD signs that new parents love to affix to their cars in the hopes that people around them will drive oh-so-carefully because there’s a baby nearby?”

My second thought was, “Wait – does it mean that there’s actually a baby on this route? It’s really lying somewhere on this road?? WTF???”

My third thought was, “Or does it mean that the people who own that car have a baby on the way – a baby girl, judging from the pinkness of their sign?”

My fourth thought was, “Did the idiot who came up with that sign not know the difference between ON ROUTE and EN ROUTE?”

I still don’t know.


7 responses to “What do you mean?

  1. I like Kimberley’s alternative signs, though I don’t often take my Macbook out for a drive – perhaps one saying ‘My kids have grown up. Free at last!’ or something on those lines might go down well with the more mature woman.

  2. I’m with you, what the hell is that sign all about? I hate those signs and all of the related baby here or there varieties. I get the en/on thing too (despite my deplorable French skills). I assume you didn’t run over a baby on the route, so it must be one of the other explanations.

    I agree with Jazz too, if you have a kid, you should drive carefully. I truly don’t need to be alerted to what you’ve got in your backseat. I don’t have one that says ‘Groceries on Board’ when I’ve just done my weekly shopping, do I? Or, something even more precious to me: MacBook on Board. Maybe I should start selling those to counter the baby signs.

    • Kimberly – Or how about “I just bought this car – back off!” I should have had one like that when I totalled my two-month-old custom order BMW three years ago. It might have helped me avoid that accident!

  3. I loathe all those signs too – I especially hate the ‘princess/cheeky monkey on board’ ones that are so common these days. And I too get the on/en thing – I would probably have irritated the hell out of my kids by ranting about it. I wind them up by proof reading menus when we are out – I can’t help it, my eyes are irresistibly drawn to spelling mistakes!

    • Alienne – I find spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere too! It can be very annoying to others, true – but it’s also a bit of a pain for those of us who can’t help but do it, don’t you think? It’s like our brains never, ever turn off!

  4. And this is how I know we’re twins separated at birth and sent to opposite sides of the continent – because no one anywhere could deal with the remotest chance we would find each other. Because two of us together? Hell on wheels. And then the interwebz arrived. But I digress.

    Jeebus C how I hate those Baby On Board signs. Like I should care? Like I should drive carefully because you have a baby? Shouldn’t you be the one driving carefully? You’re the one with the evil spawn of the entitlement generation!


    But this sign brings it to whole new levels! And so grammatically? Wrong wrong wrong.

    Now let me check my grammar – ’cause it would be (is?) humiliating to bitch about grammar and get it wrong yourself. But we had lotsa wine with dinner so itth ok…

    • Jazz – And strangely enough, when I wrote this post, I was thinking, “Jazz will get this! She’ll know exactly what bugs me about that sign! She’ll understand that French/ English en/on thing!” And you do! 😀
      Also, just for the record, when DD was born, one of my friends gave us a Baby on Board sign, amongst other baby gifts. We said thank you, went home, and promptly tossed it in the garbage. We didn’t even recycle it. I never once felt guilty about that, either.