The uncut version

Last Friday afternoon, I got my hair cut. I have one of those bob-type haircuts where the back is shorter than the sides, with a fringe. My fringe is now substantially shorter (actually, uncomfortably shorter. It can’t grow back fast enough!), the sides are about two centimetres shorter, and the back is five or six centimetres shorter. When I examined the final product in the mirror at the salon, my first thought was, “Ooooh, that hair’s a lot shorter! It looks way better!” No – I’m lying, that was my second thought. My first one was , “Ooooh, that fringe is too short! Good thing my hair grows fast!”

It is now Wednesday. Five days after my haircut.

So far, only three people have noticed the shorter do: the principal at my school, the vice-principal of my school, and a little seven-year-old boy that I teach.

My daughter only knew my hair was cut because I’d previously told her I would be home late that day due to an appointment at the hairdresser. She didn’t comment when I came home other than an off-hand, “Oh yeah – you did mention that you were going to the hairdresser, didn’t you?”

PG hadn’t a clue. On Saturday evening, I finally snarled at him, “You don’t really look at me any more, do you?!” He simply started laughing as I went on to complain that here I was with a beautiful haircut (except that the fringe is too short), and he hadn’t said a word! He continued laughing. I finally had to stop talking to him and go to bed early to make him stop laughing. He really doesn’t take me seriously enough sometimes.

I went out for dinner with my mom and DD on Monday night. My mom, the queen of visual detail, said absolutely nothing about my hair. This is a woman who has always been able to identify pretty much every single thought I have ever had just by the way I move my eyes or mouth or some other magical, motherly trick. She notices when I pluck a hair from an eyebrow! And suddenly, she doesn’t notice that my hair is six centimetres shorter at the back?

I can’t really explain any of this, and it probably doesn’t matter anyway, but I’m thinking that maybe I need to spend more time at work. They seem to appreciate my appearance a little more there.


18 responses to “The uncut version

  1. Some men just don’t give the proper observance when we change things about our appearance. It drives me a bit crazy sometimes, but ah well. I guess they prefer to look quietly..

    • Pauline – I don’t know what’s worse: a guy who seriously doesn’t notice a major change in the appearance of the gal that he says he cares about, or the guy who may or may not notice, but she’ll never know because he never says anything!

  2. People are sooo unobservant these days 😉

    Seriously, I think they notice but don’t say anything. Now the only question is WHY they don’t say anything…

    • Bevchen – I have to admit that I am guilty of noticing but not saying anything sometimes. But if it’s a major change, of course I will say something! Even if I don’t like the new do, I’ll at least say, “Hey, you got your hair cut!”

  3. Well, it might be on a particularly good hair day,when it is behaving and acting less frizzy.

    • VioletSky – My hair also goes quite frizzy whenever it’s damp out, and of course, where do I live? In the Coastal Rainforest of BC! I’ve yet to find a product that will tame it in these conditions. I think I will have to move to the desert one of these days.

  4. I often have people telling me “oh, you have had your hair cut, I like it shorter”, even though it is actually far overgrown and ready for a trim. I wonder if they ever pay real attention or are just making lame conversation.

    • VioletSky – Now that’s a weird one! I’ve never had anybody say that to me! Does your hair look that different from normal on the days when people say that to you?

  5. I have my hair cut every 6 to 8 weeks and nobody ever comments on it. I figure they are all not worthy of viewing my hair and I shouldn’t waste my time worrying about it.

    • Nora – And your hair is short, so you would think it would be pretty noticeable when you get it cut, wouldn’t you?! Ah well, what can you do – maybe change the colour drastically??

  6. I don’t understand guys who don’t notice haircuts. I notice people’s haircuts all the time. Often it goes like this…

    Samurai: Hi! I haven’t seen you in a while. Oh, look! You got new hair!
    Haircut: Yeah, I decided I needed a change.
    Samurai: Are you happy with it? What does your husband say?
    Haircut: I think it’s cute. And to tell you the truth, he hasn’t even mentioned anything about it.
    Samurai: Yeah, right.
    Haircut: You noticed it in what… 5 seconds? Nothing from him yet.
    Samurai: Oh. When did you get it cut?
    Haircut: Three weeks ago!

    Do they really not see? Do they notice but not mention anything? Inquiring minds want to know! 😦

    • Koshersamurai – That’s a really good question! I think I’m going to ask every guy I know about that and see what the answers are. That would make a pretty interesting post, don’t you think? Thanks for visiting, BTW! 🙂

  7. I once came home with hair 5 inches shorter and Mr. Jazz didn’t notice.

    Believe me, NOW he notices.

  8. I hate it when I get my hair cut and no one says a word about it. Then I start getting paranoid and thinking it must look so bad people feel like they shouldn’t mention it.

    And this reminded me that I need to make an appointment to get my hair cut to have no one comment on next week. 🙂

    • Kimberly – That’s what I wonder too. And then I wonder if those people simply don’t like me and therefore don’t want to talk to me … and then I feel even worse!

      • I changed my hair color to purple (yes, purple) a couple of years ago and people didn’t even really pick up on that so much. They would just say things like ‘something looks different’. Seriously. It was a dark purple, but still quite a change from the normal auburn.