Weather report

We’ve finally got some spring-like weather in my part of the world. It’s currently 15º C outside and it’s actually sunny! It was lovely out yesterday too. The weather forecast is for one more day of this, then back to clouds and lower temperatures with the chance of rain – just in time for the long weekend, of course!

This has been a very odd spring, really. I can remember many springs where the month of May was hot enough to wear sundresses or tanktops and thin cotton skirts to work, with flipflops on my feet. I can remember already having a tan at this time of year, and sitting outside with my morning café au lait every weekend morning.

But not this year. It’s been cold and mostly rainy, with the odd sunny day. It’s been most unseasonable, the weather this year. I mean, I couldn’t even put my bedding plants in until just two weeks ago! And my daffodils and tulips weren’t blooming in early March this year! Hey, Weather God, what’s going on???

But maybe we’re through the crap now. Maybe we’re on our way, minus the odd rainy glitch or two, to a nice summer. In fact, I’m sure of it. You see, today I learned that summer is almost here.

I had just finished a reading lesson with one of my groups of Grade Two kids. Before they head back to their regular classroom, they are always allowed to choose a sticker from the sticker box, or stamp their hand with one of my many stamps and colour inkpads. The kids were clustered around the sticker box, discussing which sticker or stamp to pick this time. I stood there with them, idly listening to their chatter.

One boy suddenly asked, “What’s that smell?”

He was right beside me. Was he smelling my perfume? Did somebody have bad breath? Had somebody – uh – passed wind or burped? (These are seven-year-old boys, after all!)

The other kids paused and looked at him.

The first boy looked quite serious. “It smells like …”

He paused, thinking hard. Then he smiled beautifully. “It smells like SUMMER!”

I don’t know exactly what that kid was smelling, but if it was summer, I’m going to take his word for it!


6 responses to “Weather report

  1. So, are you like my wife and insist that only males pass wind? That’s what she says.
    And it did smell like summer yesterday and today, and tomorrow it turns to crap because we are heading off on vacation. Don’t think I’ll bother packing sunscreen.

    • mrwriteon – No, we women do it too. We just don’t take the same great pride in it as many guys do! 😀 Have a lovely vacation, though, with or without the sunscreen!

  2. Here’s hoping the kid is right.

    • Jazz – I should have checked further into his record on predictions, but I chose to be an optimist and just believe that he’s right.

  3. That’s probably the nicest thing you heard all day. What a nice thing for a little kid to say. Such a happy remark.

    • Nora – It was a happy remark, for sure. Strangely, though, that little boy is a bit of a whiner and normally doesn’t make nice comments like that. So I suppose it was a double gift for him to cheer up and say such a lovely thing.