Wishes for DD

Today is Darling Daughter’s 24th birthday. Yes, yes, I know I look way too young to have offspring of that age, but ’tis true. DD really is 24.

She has also just started a new job as a marketing assistant. She seems to like it – this is BIG for the girl who at the age of 14 or so, announced that she just didn’t think she was “cut out for this work stuff”. It’s a contract position, only till the end of August, but if the work she has been contracted to do isn’t complete at that point, she will likely be kept on.

So far the only thing that annoys her is the fact that she shares an office with another woman who is obviously quite upset at having to share an office. This woman is pulling the oh-so-juvenile passive aggressive card: she has studiously avoided making eye contact with DD or even saying her name if ever she must talk to her, she has kept some of her stuff on DD’s side of the wall desk, and worst of all, she has the radio on very loud all day long – and she doesn’t always listen to music that DD enjoys. One day she even left it on while she went out to lunch. DD, being the new kid in town, didn’t dare go over and turn it off, but she is going to have to address the issue fairly soon. DD hasn’t really listened to music on the radio for about ten years, so this is already driving her up and down the wall. Also, the volume on her iPod only goes so high, so it’s hard to drown out the sound of the other woman’s radio.

Anyway, yes, there’s my little girl, out there in the big bad world, starting to make her own way in life. She’s been quite anxious to make that start, to save enough money to move out, preferably downtown, and preferably in high style. She’d like to keep traveling as much as we have done so far, and she’d like to upgrade her car in a few years. She also wants to own cats. Two cats.

But her big dream is to go back to university in a couple of years to get a law degree. My daughter the lawyer. My daughter the RICH lawyer. My daughter the RICH lawyer who loves her mom so much that she will buy her all the luxuries she’s ever wanted … I hope! (I have dreams too, you know!) She’s interested in corporate law. Is there big money in that? I certainly don’t know – I’m a teacher, for heaven’s sake! Pretty much a government employee! What do I know about making big money?!

But if that’s the career she wants, then I would love that for her. I would love for her to be as successful as she has ever imagined, however she chooses to define success. If success to her is a downtown condo, a Porsche (PG would be so proud!), an exotic trip every year, and money in the bank, then that’s what I would love for her. But I also hope that success to her is a career that she is passionate about and that she is skilled at. The money is nice, but job satisfaction is just as – if not more – important, I think, and I would love that for her, as well.

I would also love for her to have a long-term, strong, loving relationship with someone. She does have a perfectly lovely boyfriend, and if he stays in the picture, I’d be pleased. If not, I would hope that she would find someone else, sometime. I think that although you can live a very nice life without a relationship, it’s that much nicer when you have a significant other to love and share it with. I don’t particularly care about marriage and neither does DD, but if she eventually chose that route, I would love for her to have the wedding she wanted – within reason, of course! And if she should choose to make me a grandma some day (gah! Not gonna happen, she assures me!), I would love that, too.

But two cats? No, I would not love that for her, birthday or no birthday. I am SO not going to be a grandma to cats!

(Many happy returns anyway, DD! xoxoxo)


8 responses to “Wishes for DD

  1. There is not as much money in corporate law, but there is more stability. It’s usually mostly 9 to 5, Monday to Friday (except when it isn’t!) and you have lovely things like pension plans and health plans and such. You can make more money in private practice but it can be much more demanding.

    • Dawn – I would imagine that the “not as much money” in corporate law would be relative to other types of law, not to … oh, let’s say a teacher’s salary. I’m thinking there would be NO comparison there!

  2. Many happy returns to DD.
    Now, when she goes on those exotic trips, have her call me and I will house/cat sit for her.

    • VioletSky – I just knew you would be all over the cat thing! I’ll let her know that a sitter for her home and cats has already been lined up, then – better early than never, right?

  3. Happy birthday DD! And go for the cats – they’re lovely to live with. Just try to explain to Pink that she won’t be a grandma to cats. They’re not children, they’re pets. 😉

    • Jazz – DD’s mother is allergic to cats, so if DD welcomes cats into her future home, her mother will not be able to visit much or for a long time – but then, perhaps that’s the plan!

  4. What a loving testament to the daughter you had when you were 13 — right? Anyway, many happy returns to DD. As for her asshole colleague, that is, of course as I’m sure you have pointed out, a learning experience. May her future ambitions all come to fruition and may you be Mama to a powerful legal eagle.

    • mrwriteon – Actually, I was only 11. 😉 (There is a funny story behind that – one I will post one of these days. I promise!)