Learning curve

You know I have a new fridge, right? I’m quite pleased with it, as it’s bigger than my old one, is much more ergonomic in design, and I also think it looks good. I’m mostly used to it now, and I think I’ve got everything pretty much arranged the way I want it at this point. But there are still a couple of things that I’m still learning about it.

For example, the freezer drawers. There are three of them. Because there are three of them, they are not very deep drawers. I’ve been having a bit of trouble arranging my frozen foods in such a way that all three drawers close properly. Everything has to be fairly flat, which has been quite the challenge for me. It’s particularly tough to get that vodka bottle flat enough so the drawer will close.

There is also no real spot for ice trays in any of the drawers. This fridge is designed to have an optional icemaker, which I don’t have. I don’t have it because I don’t have a water hookup to my fridge and I didn’t feel like paying big bucks to get that done. I can easily make ice cubes in my numerous plastic ice trays and I can easily fill a Brita pitcher with water and get a glass when I need it. I just don’t have a designated place to put those ice trays in any of the drawers – yet. They’re either mixed up with the meat and packs of frozen veggies or jostling for space with that vodka bottle. I’m still working on it.

And then, one day last week, I was sitting at my kitchen desk with my laptop, watching a downloaded episode of The Borgias. There was a stupid truck outside with its backup buzzer on. It went on and on and on: beeeep beeeep beeeep. I could hear it really loudly, despite my earbuds, and the noise really didn’t fit in with medieval Rome as depicted in The Borgias. I was getting mightily annoyed.

“Would you finish backing up already?!” I muttered snarkily. “Are you backing up all the way to Alberta?!”

Then something twigged in my tiny little brain. I glanced over at my fridge. One of the doors was slightly ajar. Oh – I forgot. Apparently there is a door alarm on that fridge. If one of the three big doors isn’t closed correctly, the fridge beeps to tell its distracted owner that, no, this isn’t the sound of a truck backing up, dumbass, but that you need to come and shut the damn door so that all your food doesn’t spoil. I slunk over in embarrassment and closed the offending door.

As I say, I am still learning my new fridge. I think it may have decided that I’m not exactly a quick study.


7 responses to “Learning curve

  1. reflectionsofavirgo

    How can a door be a jar??!!??? It can’t hold jam. Ha, ha, ha, I crack me up!! . Just think, soon you’ll be able to witness my humour in person, lucky you!!!

  2. Could be worse, your fridge could talk like those cars do when you don’t close the door properly. “The. Door. Is. A. Jar. The. Door. Is. A. Jar.” in that really sexy mechanical voice.

    • Nicky – That would really freak me out, I think. Can you imagine waking up from a sound sleep and hearing that?! Oooh! *shiver*

  3. Remember when fridges were just, well, fridges?

    • Jazz – I know. I wonder just how much more stuff there is to go wrong and need repairing in fridges nowadays. Back in the day, I think everybody’s dad could fix an ailing fridge, but that certainly can’t happen now.

  4. Were you embarrassed that the fridge had caught you out in your gaffe? Did you apologize to the fridge? That would have been ever so Canadian. Oh, and I believe there is vodka that come in flat bottles.