Odds ‘n’ ends

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? A week, I think, since I last posted. And there’s really have no reason why – just no motivation to write, apparently. Anyway, I thought I’d just bring you up to date on what’s happening chez Pinklea – that’s all two of you who are still reading, and who presumably still care.

My friend who was very recently diagnosed with cancer had surgery last week and came through with flying colours, thank goodness. I haven’t yet spoken to her myself, but I’ve had a couple of emails from her husband, who informed me (and the other fifty people on her email list) that everything looked great, that the surgeon felt that they got every little bit of cancer. Of course, they are still testing the tissue samples, and those results aren’t yet in, but there was much optimism in the operating room. My friend was permitted to go home after only one night in hospital as long as she promised to rest, rest, rest. That will be hard for her, but her husband can be a real hard-ass if necessary, I’m sure. So it’s all looking good so far.

My new QUIET dishwasher was delivered and installed on the weekend. It all went like clockwork (no damaged doors or anything this time), and the two guys who did the job couldn’t have been more pleasant. And did I mention how QUIET the dishwasher is? I literally can’t hear it downstairs or upstairs, only when I’m standing beside it! When I actually ran it for the first time, I sat on the floor beside it to call my mom. I told her to listen to the quiet, then held the phone up to the dishwasher, cackling like a demented – but delighted – witch. My mom told me that she was very happy for me, then very gently hung up the phone.

And speaking of clockwork, there is clock trouble here again. Seth Thomas has given up the ghost again. Even changing the battery (properly) no longer helps. And to make clock matters worse, DD accidentally knocked my cuckoo clock off the wall, causing it to crash to the floor in pieces. That was upsetting, because I bought that clock on a trip to what was then called West Germany (in Munich, to be exact) in 1985, and although it has never kept great time, it’s a great souvenir and it looks good – and of course, I am all about the esthetics. DD felt so bad that she immediately googled clock repairs shops in our area and emailed me their contact info. I called the closest one, and brought both ailing timepieces in for repairs. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that the repairman I spoke with used to do warranty repairs for the same company that made my cuckoo clock! He examined my clock carefully and assured me that of course he could fix it, that he was very familiar with that type, but did I also know that it was all wood and hand-carved and hand-made and that they weren’t made like that any more? Oh yeah – and did I also know that my clock was now worth about 700$? I gulped. I paid the equivalent of 50$ for it 26 years ago. Who knew clocks were such a good investment? In addition, he was most interested in Seth Thomas, almost waxing rhapsodic over the wood grain. Again, they just don’t make clocks like that any more, he told me, and it would definitely be worth repairing it, as it’s so well-made. If I’ve already had it for 30 years without a problem, with a bit of a cleaning, it should last at least another 30, he thought.

That was almost two weeks ago, though. He still hasn’t called me back to let me know how much all this clock repairing is going to cost me. Plus I often have no idea what time it is in my kitchen. There are clocks on my stove, my microwave, and my coffeemaker, but they are all wee clocks that I can’t see unless I’m pretty much nose to nose with them. That’s not exactly convenient. I need Seth Thomas on my kitchen wall again!

And just one more thing: I got my taxes done today. I’m getting a refund – yay!

I hope it’s enough to pay for the clock repairs.


8 responses to “Odds ‘n’ ends

  1. Well, if the repairs cost too much, I suppose you could always sell the cuckoo clock to cover it! I often don’t post for weeks; sometimes I have nothing I want to broadcast and sometimes I just can’t be bothered. I do read though (including yours) although I don’t always comment.

    • Alienne – I do that too: read regularly, comment sporadically. It seems to work okay – but I do wish I could pull it together to post a little more often. I’m in awe of bloggers who post almost every single day!

  2. I hope your clocks are repaired well in due time and I’m glad you have a noiseless dishwasher now. That truly is a luxury. The clockmaker is probably savoring every minute with your clocks and having a ball. Do give him a call, though. Lest he forgets that he’s supposed to return them to you.

    • Nora – You’re right, I am going to have to give the man a call, as I am wondering if he’s even looked at them yet. The shop was a bit of a mess, too, so it may be a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

  3. Well, lovely friend, I know your clock will be fixed to your satisfaction because you, of course, are timeless. And I am so happy to read about your friend and her good prognosis.
    As for being in blog torpor, I am exactly the same, as I expressed in mine from yesterday. And as you are one of my faithful ‘two’, along with our sister Jazz you are obligated to drop by.

    • mrwriteon – Yes, yes, I’ll get there as soon as I can. I do have a hockey game to watch in less than an hour, so my time is somewhat limited today, though …

  4. You’ll be ticking along in no time.

    A week? Hell, I have hardly blogged in months. I’m beginning to think the blog muse has deserted me forever.

    • Jazz – Well, if you find that pesky blog muse, let her know where I am. If I find her first, I’ll point her in your direction.