Take THAT!

My burned finger is taking its time healing, but seems to be okay. It’s not doing anything weird like turning green or dripping slime – yet. I suppose it still could, so I’ve been slathering antiseptic cream on it every night and putting a bandage on during the day so that if I do bang it against something, it’s a bit more protected. Here’s hoping that all continues to go well, because having that burn in that particular place on my finger is severely impeding my ability to wear a ring. It’s all about the esthetics, people.

My burned finger and I were out and about the other day, and we passed an appliance store (NOT the store where I recently purchased the fridge of the delivery debacle. Nope, no way!). Hmm, I thought. I should go in and look at dishwashers. After all, mine not only burned me, but it leaks every now and then, so obviously it is getting older and will soon need repairs. And what would I rather do, have it repaired or replaced?

No question. Replaced. Definitely replaced.

Half an hour later, I’d forked over the plastic for a brand new dishwasher, which should be delivered and installed in about two weeks. It’s white (and you would not believe how difficult it is to get white appliances these days! Everyone is on the stainless steel bandwagon – and I can’t stand stainless steel. I find it very antiseptic-looking and too industrial for my taste. Also, it’s hard to keep clean if visible fingerprints bug you. And visible fingerprints bug me.). It has the controls integrated into the top of the door so the front has nothing on it but a handle to open the door. It has a delay timer. It has a china/crystal setting. And it has my number one absolutely-have-to-have item: it’s QUIET. It runs at 52 decibels. I really have no idea what that means, but the model I bought was running in the display area of the store, and I barely heard it. And really, anything, ANYTHING would be quieter than my current dishwasher. A jet plane taking off right beside me might even be quieter than my current dishwasher. Yes, yes, I know I should consider myself lucky to even have a dishwasher, but holy crap! I can’t even talk on the phone in the same room as that thing when it’s running. That’s just ridiculous.

So yes, I have a new dishwasher coming. That’ll teach my appliances, won’t it? Injure me, and you’re out! You will regret messing with me, old dishwasher!


17 responses to “Take THAT!

  1. White is classic, it’s clean and yeah, no fingerprints. I personally think stainless steel is the harvest gold of the 2000s.

  2. I do not like white or stainless steel appliances. This means I am a bloody nuisance when it comes to shopping for appliances. There is a brand here called Smeg (a very unfortunate name), which is Italian. I don’t know if you have them in Canada? They do all the colours of the rainbow. I have a pale blue, 1950’s style fridge with a cool chrome handle and rounded corners. It is gorgeous. They do dishwashers too, and you can even get them in pink! True fact.

    • Katyboo – I have heard of Smeg, but I don’t know if it’s because it exists here or because I read European magazines. But I have never heard of pink appliances! Wow! That is immensely exciting to me! I’d better go lie down now …

  3. There are such things as quiet dishwashers!!???? WOW! I have to close the door to the kitchen when we are watching TV after dinner on the weekends… you can’t hear the TV over the dishwasher. I will have to call you sometime just so I can hear/not hear the dishwasher! How exciting!

    • Katherine – I have a friend whose dishwasher (a Bosch) is so quiet that I beg her to let me turn it on, just so I can strain my ears to try to hear it. I don’t think mine will be quite that soundless, but I’m really looking forward to NOT hearing it so much!

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more about stainless steel. It’s all about the hand and fingerprints. Give me virginal white anytime — for appliances and unmentionables for that matter. Hmm, the latter could be a blog in itself.

  5. Congratulations on your new dishwasher. Stay away from those hot elements. I’m glad your finger is slowly healing. Take good care of it.

    • Nora – There are no exposed heating elements in my new dishwasher (yes of course I checked that out!), so I, and my curious fingers, should be relatively safe!

  6. Your new dishwasher sounds a lot like the Bosch that I bought a couple of years ago and absolutely love. It replaced a rather old, and extremely noisy model that made a lot of noise but didn’t really clean all that well. The new one is so quiet people don’t even know it is on. I’ve had it running during a dinner party before and the only time anyone had a clue that it was on was when the ‘beep’ sounded to say it had finished. Congrats!

    • Kimberly – I was looking at the Bosch, and also at the Miele, but it’s very difficult to get those in white (in Canada, at least). They also cost a little more than I was willing to spend. Mine is a Blomberg, which is also German-made. I’d never heard of that manufacturer, but their dishwashers cost bit less than those others and seem to have most of the same features. They’re also probably a bit less quiet than the others are too, but like I said, ANYTHING will be quieter than my current dishwasher!

      • We have what I think is essentially the exact same dishwasher here in London and it is a Neff brand. It looks and behaves and has the same cycles and stuff as our Bosch in the US. I wonder if Bosch sells under different names in different countries or just has other brands that they trade under at different price points maybe.

        • Kimberly – Not that I’m a dishwasher manufacturer expert or anything, but I’ve never heard of a Neff. If it’s so similar to your US Bosch though, your idea about Bosch having other brand names at different price points would certainly make sense.

  7. Quiet dishwashers are a must. It is amazing to me how noisy the older models were (I have never had one; my complaints of doing dishes can be loud, though) I had a friend who used to do her dishes when she went to church and again when she went to her book club just so she would be out of the house when it was on.

    • VioletSky – That’s kind of the deal I have with PG: if he’s in the house, particularly if he’s in the TV room which is directly below the kitchen, having the dishwasher running is FORBIDDEN! I’m used to it, but I still know it’s extremely noisy. I can’t wait to experience the quiet new one!