Burned finger

I have burned my finger. It’s a rather nasty burn and now looks as if someone tried to drill a large hole into my ring finger. That’s why there is no photo of the damage. (Well, that and the fact that my camera isn’t working right now. The reason the camera isn’t working right now is because I haven’t charged its batteries for a very long time. The reason I haven’t done that is because the batteries are crap and don’t hold a charge for more than five minutes any more and I get very frustrated. The reason I don’t buy new batteries is that I already have two sets, dammit, so how many more sets of rechargeable batteries does one camera require? So basically I don’t use my camera because I no longer charge the batteries. Just to spite the little brats.)


The burn doesn’t hurt much at all, amazingly enough. Even when it first happened, when I first realized that this was a real burn and that there might be some blistering and redness and scabbiness, it didn’t hurt much. Of course, I haven’t bonked it on anything yet – and I will, because it’s on a finger, which is attached to a hand, and I am a hand-talker. It’s just a matter of time. I’ll let you know.

But the most interesting part of this burn might be exactly how I did it. I was in my kitchen – and now you are thinking that I did it on my oven, aren’t you? But you are wrong!

I did it on my dishwasher, cleaning out the filter at the bottom, after running a quick rinse cycle to stir things up a bit.

Who knew that those heating elements at the bottom actually got hot?


8 responses to “Burned finger

  1. Um….what I got from this story is there are filters at the bottom of dishwashers that require cleaning? Really? Hmmmmm.

    • Wenderina – Yes, it’s true, but apparently only for American-made dishwashers, because they have mini-garburators for whatever chunky stuff is washed off the dishes, so that stuff is trapped in the filter. I was told that European-made dishwashers have a different washing system and they don’t have those mini-garburators, so no filter is necessary. At least I THINK that’s how it works – I could be wrong!

  2. That sounds like a bad burn requiring ointment and a bandage. Take good care of it so it doesn’t get infected.

    • Nora – So far, so good. I did give it a good scratch today by accident, which hurt a LOT, but it seems to be healing okay.

  3. Ouch! Yep, they do get hot. One of the reasons it doesn’t hurt much is that it is, according to your description, a localized 3rd degree burn and there are no nerve endings down that far. Only 1st degree burns hurt like hell. Anyway, if I were there I’d gladly kiss your boo-boo.

    • mrwriteon – Again, the science twit here didn’t have the basic knowledge that 1st degree burns are the real hurty ones. She thought that they were the wee ones. Well. Live and learn. Oh – and kisses on boo-boos are gladly received, even in cyberspace!

  4. They get hot? Really?

    • Jazz – As DD said, “Mom, you know you shouldn’t be messing around with anything to do with science! You’ll just hurt yourself! Wait till I’m around next time!”