Grrrrrr …

Okay, Cancer, I’ve had it with you. Now I’m mad. Bloody mad!

I understand that you exist. I understand that sometimes you just pick on people randomly. I understand that sometimes we tease you with poor behaviour and then we act all astonished that you choose us. I understand that none of us are immune to you, that no matter how healthy a lifestyle we lead, you still sometimes tap us on the shoulder and chortle, “Your turn!”

I know that sometimes you win. I know that sometimes we win – and I know that sometimes the price for that is very steep.

I know that for women, the statistics are something like a one-in-eight chance over a lifetime that you will decide to attack us. I know that after age forty, you are more present in more women’s lives.

But dammit, Cancer, you’ve pushed your way into the lives of two of my very closest friends over the past two and a half years. Two very good friends, and two very good fighters. Both of those women are alive and kicking today, having beaten the crap out of you. Both of those women have the battle scars to prove that they won. But both of those women now live with the fact that although you’ve slunk away to lick your wounds for the moment, you may come back out swinging at any time.

And now, you miserable little creep, you’ve attacked yet another of my close friends! She’s a strong one too, and although her battle is just beginning, you’d better watch out. She’s going to wipe the floor with you, just like my other two friends did! And those of us who love and support her are going to laugh at you and kick you when you’re down, too!

So, Cancer, just fuck off already! We don’t want you around here!


18 responses to “Grrrrrr …

  1. Very glad your friends have beaten this terrible disease. I’ve lost two extended family members in the last year to cancer and am sick of it as well.


  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. We have a very good family friend that was just diagnosed with cancer and I think they caught it too late unfortunately. But hopefully your friend will totally kick cancer’s ass and show it who is really boss!

  3. So sorry to hear this. Tell her we’re all pulling for her, even without knowing her.

  4. More than a quarter century ago, my mom was diagnosed and let me just tell you – while she is too gentile to say the words – her FUCK CANCER attitude kicked its ass. She was cancer free until a year ago when they found it elsewhere, and she FUCKED CANCER over again. Damn straight – it’s a battle and you gotta to all in. My best wishes for a strong battle and victory dance.

  5. Pinklea
    I’m glad you are angry. That will help you to help, right? I lost some people I love to cancer and it was terrible. Getting sad is good too, but getting angry gives you the energy to fight, and to do stuff. I hope your friend knocks seven types of crap out of it. Love, Kxx

    • Katy – As angry as I am, my friend is (understandably) even angrier right now. With all of her friends and family backing her, she is definitely ready to kick some cancerous ass! I wouldn’t bet against her, that’s for sure!

  6. Fuck yeah! I mean, I’m sorry (so very, very sorry) that you and your friemily have had to go through this, but if I was cancer, I’d be scared of you and your mightiness. What an awesome gift to give your friend. I’ll be thinking of you…

    • Heather – I really like that imagery, that cancer should be scared! I’m going to share that with my friend, because she’s not truly alone, as there are a whole bunch of tough people standing right there with her. Thank you!

  7. reflectionsofavirgo

    BF, so sorry to hear this news! These women (and me) are lucky to have you as a friends because of your optimism and YOUR strength. But as you say, it certainly does make us think about our own mortality. Hang in there and do something nice for yourself this weekend. Love you, BF MA xox

    • BF MA – I just wish that being optimistic and strong (and angry) was enough to win the cancer battle, but it’s not. Still, I’ll do what I can to support the people I love. Thanks for being you! xo

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your friends. Having lost a few to it over the years I empathize. In fact, I just ran into an older friend at the mall and he’d recently had colon cancer surgery and is still pretty frail. May the prognosis for your friends continue to be positive.

    • mrwriteon – It’s sometimes so hard to stay positive for my friends, but then I think how much harder it is for them and I give my head a shake and carry on being optimistic. It’s all anyone can do a lot of the time, isn’t it?

  9. I am sorry to hear this. Sometimes it seems neverending. On a personal (self-pitying) level, I hate feeling so helpless when this happens to someone I care about.

    • VioletSky – And it’s also scary, because it’s happening to women around my age. Mortality is rearing its ugly head – and who wants to think about that? So I guess my current anger is my way of dealing. I’ll have to channel this somewhere else soon, though. I can’t be this angry forever!

  10. I’m so sorry. Cancer is such a nasty, evil disease – but I don’t think I need to tell you that. I’ve lost 2 friends to it and the world is definitely a poorer place for them not being in it. Hugs to your friend. And have some yourself.

    • Mrs Jones – I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost two friends to cancer – however did you deal with it?! For my first friend, I cried and cried and cried, for the second I walked around in shock for days, and for this third one, I’m just pissed – and they’re all still here! I don’t know how I would react if the worst came to pass … but hugs are good. Thanks!