So THAT’S why …

I use a flat iron on my hair. This is because I have slightly wavy, more-than-slightly frizzy hair and I don’t want to have it. You should see my hair when it’s damp out – Medusa springs to mind. And I live in BC, the Wet Coast of Canada. Go figure.

So, I use a flat iron on my hair. These hair appliances do get mucky and need the muck scraped off every now and then. I think the muck comes from hair products like shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel, hairspray that can be in one’s hair when one tries to style it.

Most of the time, I can literally scrape the junk off the flat iron’s ceramic plates with a fingernail. Sometimes, it’s much more difficult to do, so I use a wet cloth. But this time, even that wasn’t working. The muck was pretty much cooked on the plates. (Apparently it had been a while since I had last attempted to clean them.)

So I decided to run a little hot water in the bathroom sink and soak the plates to soften up the muck and make it more scrapable. That works for dishes, I reasoned, so why wouldn’t it work for a flat iron?

I left the flat iron there to soak for maybe three minutes, then took it out and commenced the cleaning. It really didn’t help a whole lot, I found out. Some of that stuff was on there real good. Maybe some Vim? Maybe a pot-scraper pad?

Then I noticed the small print right on the handle of the flat iron. The small print that read DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER. In capital letters.

Uh oh.

I plugged in the flat iron, hoping that DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER was really just a guideline for people other than me, people who might – oh, I don’t know – put their flat irons right into a full bathtub or something.

The lights flashed frantically. The flat iron started to warm up. Yay! I thought. I’m good to go!

Then there were no more lights. The flat iron cooled right down, never to warm up again. Crap. I didn’t beat the odds after all. My theory that appliances run on magic as opposed to electricity had been proven very wrong. I was, once again, one of those people for whom those very logical and sensible warnings are written.

Also, I now need a new flat iron.


15 responses to “So THAT’S why …

  1. Well, never with a curling iron or anything like that. But one day, I accidentally tripped (and I wasn’t even wearing fluffy slippers or on stairs) while holding a glass of water and threw it all over my laptop. Luckily, I was quick enough thinking to turn it off immediately and tip it upside down before the water got to anything and killed it. Then I took off the cover and some of the keys and waited, and waited, and waited, and did a little blow drying even. By the next afternoon it was all dry and suffered no ill effects when turned back on.

  2. It’s amazing how water and small home electrical appliances just really don’t mix, isn’t it? So unfair. Because sometimes you drop things in water on accident too.

    By the way, in the future, instead of immediately plugging it in, you are best off to let it dry out before you turn it on again. If you can unscrew the cover and get some air to the electrical bits inside, this goes even faster.

    • Kimberly – Sounds like the voice of experience there! 🙂 That’s good advice, though, and I’ll remember it for next time – and you just KNOW there’s going to be a next time, don’t you?!

  3. I keep telling you that you shouldn’t be unsupervised around things that involve science. If only you’d listened, the tragic death of Flat Iron 1.0 could have been avoided. 😦

    • DD – And where were you when this drama was unfolding? If you had been there at the time, you might have been able to clean the damn flat iron with one of your science-y tricks. But no, I was flying blind …

  4. I’m just really glad you didn’t decide to immerse it while it was still plugged in. A bit like the old toaster in the bathtub that’d be. I value you, dear sister, so don’t be doing things like that.

    • mrwriteon – That’s the kind of dumbass action that I would have thought those warnings were intended to stop, and I would NEVER do that! I seem to be more of an unplugged kind of gal, so other than having to replace a small appliance waaaay sooner than I should have, I’m quite undamaged. Except for my pride. That’s a bit scuffed up at the moment.

  5. OMG, those warnings are there for a reason?!!
    Actually, I have never had to clean mine. So maybe buy a good, expensive one this time. (I was afraid I had seriously overpaid for mine when I saw them for under $50, but perhaps not afterall)

    • VioletSky – You’ve never had to clean your flat iron?! That’s even possible?! Maybe I should buy a more expensive one or maybe just put less product in my hair. Hmm …

  6. reflectionsofavirgo

    Shopping for a flat iron?!?!? Can I come???
    I guess even Empresses aren’t exempt from those warning labels! Go figure – duh???

  7. Look at the bright side, at least it’ll be gunkless for a while…

    • Jazz – True. And they don’t cost a whole lot, either, so I won’t whine about having to spend bags of money for a new one … although I could whine about the inconvenience of having to actually get over to the drugstore across the street to do the actual purchase.

      • Girl, you’re on vacation for two weeks. I have no sympathy for your plight. 😉

        • Jazz – It’s also 16ºC outside right now and I’ve just finished planting a bunch of pansies and dianthus in the flower boxes alongside my patio. Can’t really say life’s been treating me too badly lately, can I?