Breaking spring

It’s Saturday, and technically the first day of my two-week Spring Break. I say “technically” because I’m a teacher and as such, very rarely – in fact, never – work on Saturdays, so really, Spring Break begins on Monday, when I would normally go to work, but I won’t this Monday because Spring Break has started and – oh, hell. Where is this sentence going?

Okay, so what have I done to jump start Spring Break?

Yesterday was my mom’s eighty-first birthday, so DD and I took her out to dinner. No, I took her out to dinner. I paid. DD came along for the free food.

This morning I slept till 6 am – and then I slept some more, till 9 am. Oooooh – I’m still swooning with the joy of it! I spent all morning in my jammies, watching the final episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Really? That’s how the series ends? A bit of a let-down, methinks.

As noon crept past, I showered and got dressed.

Then I cleaned the whole house. I opened a few windows to let the spring air in (yes, it’s about 12ยบC and sunny today. Sorry, Easterners.). I did two loads of laundry. I mended a rip in a cardigan and sewed a button back on a pair of capris. I trimmed my fringe. I gave myself a manicure (by which I mean I removed the old nail polish, and repainted with the same colourless nail polish. Like anybody would even notice. Still, I made the effort.).

Now I’m going to have a nap. This Spring Break stuff has quite tired me out. Call me in two weeks.


12 responses to “Breaking spring

  1. You also forget that the walk uphill, both ways, was always in the snow somehow.

    Have a great spring break!

  2. Barefoot over broken glass.

  3. Of course when I was in school we never had vacations, or snow days, and had to walk uphill five miles to get there, only to be beaten regularly.
    Enjoy your break, m’dear.

  4. You have two weeks of break? Wow.

    • Jazz – See my reply to VioletSky above. It is a fairly new thing in my school district, as we’ve only had the two-week break for two years now. Before that, it was the standard one week. I rather like it so far, as two weeks seems like a real vacation to me, but one week seems more like I’ve been at home sick or something.

  5. Have a happy Spring Break. I wish you much good weather and many open windows to let the fresh air in.

    • Nora – Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been another warm sunny day today. PG and I went out for breakfast, then for a drive up one of the local mountains to check out the view of the city and the snow (still lots there, still lots of skiers and snowboarders), and then we washed my car. I think grocery shopping is next on the agenda. Yes, Spring Break is certainly shaping up to be quite exciting!

  6. No problem – we have been having double digits for a couple of days now… though its back to below freezing overnight this weekend. We are just ending our “March Break” week. I remember when it used to be called variously ‘Spring’ or ‘Winter’ Break – I guess with the weather that made sense – but now it seems to be uniformly, simply March Break.
    What IS a problem, though, is that you have TWO WEEKS off?!!

    • VioletSky – In my school district (and many others around Vancouver), we have two weeks off because we work an extra ten minutes each day to make up the time – which, educationally, is a crock, but budget-wise, works extremely well for the school board. And as we all know, it’s all about the money.