Duly noted

My usual routine when I arrive at work is to head straight to my classroom. I turn on the lights or open the blinds, depending upon the time of year. I hang my jacket on my chair, and before stowing away my lunch and school bag in my lockable cupboard, I take out my phone and my agenda and put them on my computer desk. I wake up my computer, having made it sleep the night before. I unlock the computer cart that lives in my classroom, the one that contains 13 laptops for the use of kids who need adaptive software for reading and writing difficulties. I check the other two laptops that are permanently set up for a select number of kids to work throughout the day on a special program designed to enhance their attention and listening skills. I set out my supply of stickers and stamps, ensure that there are enough erasers and sharpened pencils for kids to use. I check my weekly plan, which is on a large sheet of paper upon my desk, to refresh my memory as to which groups of kids I’ll be working with and when during the day, and the activity or lesson that I have planned for each group. I quickly verify that I have all the materials that I will need to do each of those activities or lessons.

Then, and only then, do I head off to the staffroom to pour myself a coffee and maybe chat with a colleague or two.

As you can see, I am a big believer in planning and organization. I work best by establishing a routine, and I think most kids do, too.

I also work very well when I find a note such as this one, left on top of my weekly plan:

I have no idea why I was being thanked, or who wrote it.

But it sure made me feel good to get it. I did indeed have a super day!


10 responses to “Duly noted

  1. Aww, I would love to get a note like that. Maybe I should point my collaegues in the direction of this post…

    • bevchen – I think we could all learn a little something from that lovely note: appreciate people and let them know you appreciate them!

  2. How nice! Amazing how little it takes to make a day better. It’s a wonder we don’t do stuff like that for each other more often…

    • Jazz – I guess it’s now up to me to pay it forward, isn’t it? Hmm … which of my colleagues could use a little pick-me-up like that right now?

  3. I think that is really nice, and I am sure well-deserved. You are such a super teacher, I know that by instinct. See, Sis, I told you February would be better.

  4. That is really sweet! It would make my day to find something like that too.

  5. It’s very nice to get a happy note like that, even if you don’t know why. Maybe you will solve the mystery one day. In the meantime just be grateful for it and it did work, that’s what’s so great about it. I wish I got a note like that out of the blue. It would make my day.

    • Nora – I’m so very curious about that note, but you’re right: I should just be grateful for it, as it was a lovely gesture that made me happy all day!