Middle-aged fun

It’s 10:30 on Friday night. Remember when you couldn’t tell your mom what you were up to 10:30 most Friday nights?

This is how you know when you are middle-aged: you actually do tell your mom what you’re doing at 10:30 on a Friday night. And what you have, in fact, been doing for a couple of hours already.

It’s called “clearing out and cleaning in and around the old fridge because the effing delivery people have told you that they will be delivering your new fridge on Saturday morning at 7:30”. That’s 7:30 in the morning, people. On an effing Saturday!

I haven’t seen very many 7:30s on a Saturday morning in my lifetime. I am most emphatically not a morning person. That is why I’m emptying the fridge and cleaning now. I know myself, and I know there is no way I will get up early enough tomorrow to do all that before the delivery people arrive. So I’m having a most exciting Friday night, preparing now so I’ll be ready on time tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I sure know how to have fun. Don’t you just wish you were me?

(At least, my back doesn’t hurt any more, even with all this cleaning!)


8 responses to “Middle-aged fun

  1. Sista, I was in bed at 8PM on my Friday night, so if my mom had called she would have woken me up. Yes…that is the life I’ve carved out for myself this winter. To be fair…I’m also suffering from a nasty cold and taking refuge in nyquil-induced coma’s each night, but there you have it. I also had to empty and clean out my fridge this morning…because my old fridge keeps thinking it is REALLY old and freezing up and dripping icicles from the freezer into the fridge until I defrost it. Yes, I said defrost it. Like this is 1955 or something. Anyway…I’m too cheap to buy a new one just yet, so I will just have to live vicariously through you…tell us all about your new fridge.

  2. Ain’t it just the best, being middle aged?

  3. That reminds me, I think something died near my fridge. That is why I have been eating out lately and avoiding the kitchen.

    (okay, I think it might just be some broccoli)

    • VioletSky – Yes, but dead broccoli is disgusting and smells really bad, so I think you’re totally justified in eating out. You have my permission. Carry on.

  4. See, I told you February would just get better and better for you. Love the cartoon.

  5. Cleaning the refrigerator is one of my least favorite jobs, so I feel for you. You do get to enjoy a nice new refrigerator, though. That is something fun to look forward to. New appliances are like new toys.

    • Nora – I know! I’m actually pretty excited about it, and I really didn’t mind cleaning the old fridge because as you say, there was a nice new one as a reward after.