Me ‘n’ Buffy ‘n’ my laptop

I had a cold all weekend, so I stayed inside. All. Bloody. Weekend. Two. Whole. Days.

It was mostly pretty boring.

I did exciting things like not get dressed till 1 in the afternoon. I managed to get a bit of laundry and cleaning done too, but that was quite sporadic. I just didn’t have the energy. Besides, I was sneezing and blowing my nose every ten seconds or so, which definitely cut into any activity I tried to do.

Finally, I simply parked myself in front of my laptop to watch old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I never watched that show when it was first broadcast in the late 1990s, and I don’t know why. Maybe because it was too teenage? Whatever the reason, I missed a good thing then, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the show now. It’s not so much the vampire part that I like (I am NOT a true vampire fan, not at all!), but it is all presented in quite an intelligent, logical manner, and there’s lots of clever humour and wordplay that I enjoy. The characters are believable, and from my vantage point of 50+ years on the planet, teenage behaviour hasn’t fundamentally changed a whole lot – even if said teenagers are fighting vampires every night.

Anyway, Buffy was on for seven seasons, so I have a lot of episodes to catch up on. I’d already downloaded episodes up to Season 3, and I finished those by Saturday evening. DD already had Seasons 4 to 7 on her laptop (which I’m not permitted to touch), so on Sunday, she uploaded them to my external hard drive so that I could transfer them to my laptop.

Unfortunately, I only got some of them transferred. My laptop apparently had no more storage space. I couldn’t transfer everything over, and I wanted to! I wanted it all on my laptop, not on my stupid external hard drive! I didn’t want to have to drag that thing out and plug it in every time I wanted a Buffy fix!

The solution? Upgrade my laptop’s hard drive. For this, DD’s boyfriend is quite useful: he’s a computer tech guy (I may have mentioned this in the past. I do sometimes have computer issues, you know.). He works mostly on PCs and is not that familiar with Macs, but he does have access to cheaper computer parts than I do. Parts like hard drives. He says that a 750GB hard drive will fit in my laptop, will only cost me just above 100$ plus tax, AND he can install it for me.

So tomorrow, my computer storage problem will be solved.

But when I run out of Buffy episodes, that may be a whole other problem.


17 responses to “Me ‘n’ Buffy ‘n’ my laptop

  1. Season five is my personal favourite! I love Buffy. Mrs Jones is, as ever, spot on with her recommendation of Angel. I also love Trueblood. It is about vamps too, but it’s much more hardcore and sexy. I like it mostly because the writing is very, very sharp. By the guy who did Six Feet Under. Enjoy your fest.x

    • Katyboo – I LOVED Six Feet Under! That was a show that I actually watched on TV, like regular people do – but I did download the final season and I still have it on my maxed-out hard drive. I’m thinking another series created by the same guy (who is he, do you know?) would have to be just as awesome, so Trueblood sounds like something else I’m going to have to watch. Thanks for the idea! šŸ™‚

  2. Where do you download these episodes?

    I’m considering trying Netflix, but it requires these steps: A)Get an XBOX Gold Membership ($14.50/month), B)Get sufficient hard drive space on said XBOX (or whatever other video game console you own) and C)Pay $8 a month for Netflix membership.

    But you get unlimited movies and series.

    • Pauline – DD had already downloaded the Buffy series and she passed it on to me. Otherwise, I usually just google whatever I want to watch with the words “free torrent “. There are sites like SideReel too, that already have lots of TV program torrents to pick up. I have an app called Vuze that is used to do the actual download once I have the torrent on my desktop. It can take a while – like HOURS, sometimes. Once it’s downloaded, I open up the VLC media player app, which is what actually plays what I have downloaded, kind of like a PVR plays what’s been recorded on its computer chip. It’s definitely more complicated and time consuming than Netflix seems to be (or even than simply watching something on line), and some older stuff can be really hard to find, but lots of torrents are absolutely FREE, which is always a good thing.

  3. I loved Buffy because of the great writing – funny with a bit of sarcasm, but in an intelligent way. You might want to try Joss Weadon’s other short-lived but also cleverly written Firefly tv series or Serenity (the movie version of Firefly). It wasn’t on very long, so there aren’t many episodes but it has the same enjoyable rhythm.

    • Kimberly – A while ago, somebody else was telling me about Firefly, but before I got into Buffy, so of course it meant nothing to me. If Joss Weadon is the big reason I like Buffy so much, I will certainly have to give Firefly a good look (after I watch Angel, I think!).

  4. You, ma cherie, have had a shitty January what with all your various happenstances. My wish is that your February is wonderful. So, you couldn’t go out to play on the weekend so you watched Buffy. I must confess that I was a secret Buffy watcher despite my disdain for all that vampire crap. I think it was something to do with Sarah Michele, I do. I know, I should be ashamed. Also it had a good cast and was, as you suggest, intelligently written for its genre. Anyway, glad you seem to have solved your storage problems.

    • mrwriteon – Yep, I’m about ready for February. At least that’s a short month!

      And I already have my new hard drive sitting here waiting to be installed. It ended up costing me only 120$ and it should be in by the end of the week (depends on DD’s boyfriend’s schedule). Yay!

  5. Oh! and if you have no problem with gore and blood flying, download The Walking Dead. So far only one season and it was six episodes…

    • Jazz – What I think I like is the whole supernatural thing, the possibilities of different worlds intersecting our own. It’s not vampires per se (oooh – such sophisticated language!), it’s also clairvoyance and ghosts and evil (or good) spirits and all that kind of stuff. Buffy’s vampires are bad guys, except for Angel (at times), but it’s all logically explained.

      My aunt once had a dog named Buffy. I don’t know if she could slay vampires, though.

  6. I love vampires. But not the Anne Rice spawned tortured soul in love with humans vampires. I like the evil scary stinking of death vampire. Cause really, vampires are supposed to be soulless monsters, not sweetness and light.

    I blame Anne Rice and those Twilight books. Women should NOT be allowed to write about vampires. they make ’em all romantic and shit.

    Are Buffy’s vampires evil? I’ve never watched the series because the name Buffy drives me crazy. Who the hell would name their child Buffy?

    OK, rant over.

  7. I seem to recall getting into Buffy during a spell of unwellness, too. I think it was the perfect antidote. But I’ve not watched any of the other vampire-ish shows

    • VioletSky – I blame it all on DD. She’d been nattering at me to give Buffy a look for quite a while, telling me how much I’d enjoy it. Damn kid. She was right.

  8. Have you watched ‘The West Wing’ (all time best ever)? What about ‘Brothers & Sisters’ (my current fave)? Also, CSI: New York and NCIS are other favourites of mine. x

    • Sheppitsgal – I did watch a few episodes of The West Wing a few years ago, and I do recall thinking that the cast was wonderful. I have to admit to some curiosity about Brothers & Sisters – again, looks like great casting. I’m not a huge fan of police-type dramas, so I don’t think I’d like any of the CSI family, but you never know. I have friends who LOVE them all! Thanks for the suggestions!

  9. Nil desperandum. When you run out of ‘Buffy’, head on over to ‘Angel’ which is just as good and, sometimes, even better. Plus there’s a crossover of characters and sometimes storylines as it’s meant to run concurrently with Buffy – it’s the story of what happened to Angel when he left Buffy and headed off to LA. I enjoyed it immensely.

    • Mrs Jones – Oh yeah, I forgot about the Angel series. Unless I am completely fed with the whole vampire thing, I will probably download that when I’m done with Buffy. Thanks for the reminder! šŸ™‚