As I type this, it’s snowing out quite hard. Again, the weather people seem to have gotten it right: they’ve correctly predicted that it would snow copiously starting this evening, then by mid-morning tomorrow, they are antipating that the temperature will rise and it will turn to rain and all will be well and normal here on the Wet Coast.

So we Vancouverites can’t say we didn’t know. We have time to prepare. It looks like the morning rush tomorrow just might be terrible, so we can all plan ahead. We’ll need to allow for extra time for our commute to work tomorrow, or we’ll need to make alternate arrangements like taking the bus or having a colleague with a 4 x 4 pick us up and drive us in.

After my last experience with snow, where I couldn’t get out of my unploughed, hilly driveway to even get to work, I am now as prepared as I can possibly be. My snow tires are on my car, I’ve salted in front of my garage so I’ll be able to get a better grip when backing out, I hope. My winter boots and ski gloves are ready and waiting.

I’ve also booked the day off tomorrow.

(I have a doctor’s appointment. Really!)


6 responses to “Preparations

  1. God in His munificence gave us an AWD SUV this year so I scoff at the snow. Actually I intercoursingly hate it regardless of what I am driving. But the SUV is just a tad better than the sportscar. Anyway, soon it will be gone and at the moment it is bright and sunny in the Comox Valley.

    • mrwriteon – It’s 5ºC and sunny here now, too – and VERY slushy and messy outside. Yuck – but at least you can drive any type of vehicle in it. Apparently the morning commute was, as predicted, horrible, as there ended up being about 15 cm of snow in most of Metro Vancouver.

  2. Amazingly, we have very little snow this year. By this time we usually have had to climb onto the cottage roof to shovel off the snow. This year the roof is practically clear.

    But it is still winter and it still sucks. So there.

    • Jazz – Yeah, that’s been happening for a few years now: we get your snow, you get our … uh … not-snow. (Have you actually been getting much of our rain?)

  3. I would just not go out until everything had been washed away by the rain, like it has here. It’s such a relief to see the snow and ice gone. I never liked rain as much as I do now. You will bless it.