Not again

And in the long-running, continuing saga of “Pinklea Hurts Herself” …

Pinklea hurts herself again!

Again, it was a stupid little thing, just like my last incident (in which I didn’t really hurt myself, to be fair. Only my dignity was truly damaged. Oh – and there was a large bruise on my arm, but I can’t say for sure whether or not it was caused by that fall. I’m often finding rogue bruises here and there on my body. I may possibly be clumsy.).

But at least I changed the venue. This time I was at work.

I was using the photocopier. It stopped working, and the message on the screen was something about more paper being required. So I went to grab more paper to feed the machine. The paper on the lower shelves was, naturally, not there. But there was lots of paper on the higher shelves.

I hunted for the stepladder that is usually kept in the corner behind the photocopier. No luck. A chair in the room, maybe? Also no luck. A box, even? Nope. So I stood on my tippytoes and attempted to dislodge a package of paper by poking it with my outstretched fingers. Ah, that worked!

I was able to wiggle that package of paper to the edge of the shelf, then I could grasp it properly to take it down and insert it into the paper drawer of the photocopier. Except I didn’t have as good a grip on the package as I thought, and when I started to ease it down, it did a funny little flip, bounced off my thigh, and landed on the floor with a rather too-loud thud.

Instant throbbing pain in my thigh. So what was my next move? I calmly picked up the paper and put it in the machine and pressed the button to continue on with my photocopying. Then I collected all my papers and staggered off to my classroom, wondering why this was hurting so much. I mean, some paper bounced off my leg, was all! That shouldn’t hurt like this, should it?

That first wave of pain did lessen, and I was left with only a moderate throbbing ache. I carried on with my teaching duties till recess. Then I had to go to the bathroom, and that’s when I saw the damage.

It seems that a corner of the paper package was what struck my thigh, and it ripped a nice deep scratch into me. I was a bit surprised that my pants hadn’t also been ripped through, actually. But the accompanying bruising! Wow! My poor leg has a very large, swollen, purple area around that scratch, and it hurts like a bugger when anything (like clothing) touches it. It’s the kind of bruise that I’ll have for a l – o – n – g time, I can tell.

There goes my career as a leg model.


7 responses to “Not again

  1. Those are the worst types of bruises! And they leave their ugly mark on you for so, so long. Well, and there’s the super big pain from wearing clothes over it that constantly remind you of how much it hurts. Sorry but hope you heal quickly!

  2. Glad to see that I’m not the only one whose accident prone, but I hope your leg gets better soon! 🙂

    • Thanks, Pauline! The bruise is a spectacular purple at the moment and still rather tender to the touch, but the swelling is way down, so I think I’m on the mend.

  3. Well it’s a good thing you don’t work in my office. The walls here shift constantly just to they can whack my as I walk past.

    I SWEAR!

    • Jazz – Your office and my classroom. The desks and tables around here leap out to attack my legs constantly, too. The walls seem to stay pretty still, though.

  4. Ouch! Poor Miss Pink. Really, that’s nasty. Actually shows how easily dumb accidents can happen to any of us. Hope the bruise doesn’t stay for too long.

    I’d offer to kiss it better but I don’t think either of our SOs would really approve of such a gesture of friendship.

    • mrwriteon – Uh … no kissing of my bruises. Never mind Porsche Guy and Wendy – Jazz won’t stand for it! And you know how Mom always listens to her!