I got new bootie-type slippers for Christmas. Two pairs, in fact. One pair is white and knitted. The other pair is pink felt, with pompons. Both sets of slippers are comfortable and cozy and warm. I really like both pairs, but the pink pair is a little bit more of a favourite. I mean – pink pompons! Who doesn’t like pink pompons on their slippers??

The pink pair also seems to be just a bit bigger than the white pair. They flop around on my feet just a bit more.

Okay, a lot more. To the point where I kind of have to shuffle.

Okay, I don’t “kind of” shuffle, I actually “do” shuffle.

I also have a little difficulty manoeuvring up and down the stairs in these slippers. In fact, I actually fell UP the stairs on the weekend. The toe edge caught as I was lifting my right foot up the next step to the landing. I could feel myself falling, so with my ninja-like, lightning-fast reflexes, I reached out my left hand to break my fall. At the same time, I grabbed for the railing with my right hand.

I missed on both counts.

I bounced off my left hand and rolled flat over onto my left side, narrowly missing a small table that sits on the landing. Fortunately, I hit the carpet that also sits on the landing. I made a great THUMP as I crashed down. I lay there on my side, looking at the table, quickly doing an inventory of my body. Nothing seemed amiss or painful. I started to giggle at the absurdity of the situation. Then I got up and carried on up the stairs. Safely.

And where was DD? In her office, which is located pretty much at the top of the stairs I was ascending.

And how about PG? He was downstairs, watching football or poker or the Barrett-Jackson auto auction or something manly like that, fairly close to underneath the stairs.

Did either of them hear the THUMP as I fell? Oh yes, they both did.

Did either of them come running to see what had happened? Oh no, they both did not.

This is how important I am to both of them.

I’m thinking that I should have laid there longer, just to see when (if?) one of them would have eventually wandered over to see whether or not I was still breathing. Except that I might still be laying there now, cold and hungry and having to pee – but at least I’d have warm feet.


10 responses to “Thump

  1. I’ve had this happen to me before when wearing my cool booties that you can heat up. Well, you heat the inserts and then have cozy warm feet. In any case, too clunky for stairs. You’ve got to keep the cute booties to a single floor apparently. Why don’t they come with that warning? Glad you’re not really broken though!

    • Kimberly – Booties that have heated inserts?!? I want those! I wouldn’t even care if I couldn’t negotiate stairs, I just want those!

  2. I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself too much! It seems to be the week for falling over (stupid edges of stairs… stupid snow and ice!)

    • bevchen – Very true. Sounds like the only difference between our falls was that you did it out in public and I did it in the privacy of my own home – oh, and also you seem to be a bit more banged up than I do. Let’s be more careful next week, shall we?

  3. those pink pom pom slipper boots are obviously only for show, as in when you are lounging on the couch (not the landing)
    in some cultures, showing the soles of your feet/shoes is considered rude so I would aim those dainty booty encased tootsies right at those two, maybe until they at least give you a foot massage.

    • VioletSky – I was pondering putting elastics around the booties to hold them on my feet better when I walk/ shuffle, but I do like your idea of giving THEM the boot unless they give me a foot massage. I think I’ll go have a word with them now …

  4. So lovely to see you up and about, darling. Was worried about you what with those new slippers and all. But seriously, you could have done yourself a major mischief, so I am happy you didn’t. Otherwise, the only excuse for falling upstairs is being drunk — I only say that because I once did that — oh, and maybe pink pompons,

    • mrwriteon – I think I only got a lovely purple bruise on my arm from crashing down – or maybe that’s from some other skirmish. I bruise easily, so I don’t always know how I injure myself. The pink pompons, however, sustained no injury to speak of.

  5. Warm feet are the important thing.