What I spent my Christmas money on

My mother, like most mothers, gave me a cheque for Christmas. A sizable cheque. A cheque of a size to make me cry, in fact. DD got one too, as did my brother and sister-in-law. I don’t think they cried. I’m the crier in the family, apparently.

Anyway, Mom suggested that DD and I put our money towards a trip this summer. We hadn’t even started thinking about a trip yet, but we looked at each other and realized that we sure could now! She also mentioned that I might want to (finally!) purchase a new TV. That was even more appealing to me, as the money would cover a pretty nice one – and maybe even a PVR too.

So DD and I went home happy on Christmas night, full of plans and dreams.

And then the garage door wouldn’t open. The opener was stone cold dead.

So I’ve spent a portion of that Christmas cheque today. On a new garage door opener and its installation.

It’s a lovely opener, very quiet (belt drive as opposed to chain drive, which was recommended to me because my living room is directly above the garage), very sleek, very sophisticated. However, it’s not exactly what I thought I would be spending the money on. My mom thinks this is just hilarious, of course, that she got me a garage door opener for Christmas.

I think I’ll stick to telling my friends about the jewelry from PG.


12 responses to “What I spent my Christmas money on

  1. Oh, I won a smaller prize in my first leek growing competition this year – Amid all of my plans for fashionable hunter wellies or something electronic (we have to exchange the vouchers at a Farmers’ Country Store), the freezer part of my fridge freezer packed in just before Christmas.

    Bingo! Or not, as the case may be…

    Happy Garage Door Opener, Pinkest of Leas xox

    • Fhina – It’s like these things lie in wait and decide to die just when we think we FINALLY get a bit ahead on the monetary front, isn’t it? Oh well. I am actually quite happy with the new opener. It was well worth the money I spent – I just didn’t want to have to spend it on something so utilitarian!

  2. It went to a worthy cause, do not despair.

    • Nora – Yes, it did. And really, wasn’t I lucky that I had the money to replace that garage door opener. If I hadn’t, DD and I would have to manually drag that big door open and closed until I saved enough money, however long that would have taken. It’s a very HEAVY door, with no handle on the outside, so that would have meant stopping the car, going into the house and down to the garage, then lifting the door open from the inside. So I’m very happy that we don’t have to do that now.

  3. But… who cares if your door opener is a chain opener – you’re not in the living room when you open the garage door.

    Am I being incredibly dense here?

    • Jazz – That is true, but I don’t live alone. DD has been known to come home at all hours of the night, and I’m looking forward to not being rudely awakened by the old, squeaky, noisy opener, and I’m sure she is, too.

  4. My “windfall” of Christmas tips was intended to go towards a brand spanking new, shiny, Mac. Instead, a large pole jumped out and bit me in the right rear tail light and bit into the paint….

  5. There was a great article in WSJ about windfalls always seeming to correspond with unexpected expenses. The universe keeping us all in our place I guess.

    • wenderina – And now I’ve just noticed that my fridge seems to be icing up at the back, and I don’t think it’s supposed to do that. I’ve cleaned out the drainpan and the coils, so I’m hoping that’s all it needs. If not – there goes the rest of my Christmas money and more. Again, sigh …

  6. Reality has a way of kicking us in the ass, no? Don’t you hate it when that happens? But, I am sure it is a grand opener. Our old one quit on us the day after we got back from Europe and resources were scarce. Then the next day my fuel pump packed it in.