And then today arrived, with yet another first in my life.

I was late for work for the very first time in my entire thirty-years of teaching.

I just slept in. That’s all. I had no particular reason to do so, but I did. Until almost 8 o’clock. I have to be at work by 8:15. Obviously, I didn’t to make it.

I couldn’t get through to the school to tell them that I had woken up late and that I was coming in as soon as I could. I couldn’t get on the school district email system to tell them. So I sat down and had breakfast.

I finally got through on the phone, then headed off to work. I anticipated that the roads would be a little less crowded because I was so much later. What I didn’t anticipate was a car accident that completely blocked a busy intersection, which necessitated all vehicles turning around and going back the way they came. It would have been nice if the police officers had set up a detour waaaaaaaaay back at the previous road so that all of us could have taken a different route and avoided wasting our time.

I eventually got to work around 9 o’clock. I had to park down the street because the parking lot was full. It was pouring rain. I got really wet, so my hair looked stupid all day.

I have had recently a particularly annoying run of being late, it seems to me. I hope I’m done now. I would hate to be late for Christmas, too.


6 responses to “Aaack!

  1. Living as far as I do, I have a hard time getting to work on time sometimes, but hopefully moving closer will remedy that.
    (Of course, I’ve also been staying up far too late recently which makes it harder for me to get my ass out of bed in the mornings, but I am definitely going to change that asap!)

  2. Um, er, yes… [scrabbles for an excuse]

    Just been a bit blog-invisible recently, I guess. Nothing personal, you understand.

  3. I hates being late, I does. Unfortunately I am highly skilled at it, so skilled that I don’t even have to make any effort, it just happens automagically.

    I am full of such talents, unfortunately.

    • Hey, Ricardipus! Long time no see – uh, hear – uh, blog – but it’s nice to hear from you again!

      As for lateness, I am not the most punctual of persons myself, generally speaking, but almost an hour late to work? That was unheard of for me – and hopefully, will never be heard of again.

  4. Well, my Christmas wish for you, dear, is that you never be late again for anything in your life. But, isn’t that the most awful, sinking feeling of disbelief when you look at the clock and it tells you what yours told you. All things considered, you still made pretty good time.

    • mrwriteon – Thank you, dear brother. 🙂 Your sympathy makes up for all the teasing and joking I got from my colleagues all day! Today was better: I was up at 5:30, was at work beautifully early – but I forgot my lunch. To quote Rosanne Rosannadanna, “It’s always something!”