Time waits for no one …

I have another clock story to share with you. Another clock story in which I don’t exactly come out smelling of roses. Yeah, I screwed up with a clock again. At least it’s a different clock this time, though …

I had a workshop to attend on Thursday morning, so I figured that I could sleep just a bit later and head out just a bit later than usual. The venue was further away from home than my school, but the workshop didn’t start till 8:30, so I planned to leave at about 8 am.

My clock radio is set to go off at 6 am every morning. I never get up then, of course, but I do wake up about that time. I usually stagger out of bed sometime around 6:30 (and often closer to 7 am). I decided to keep to that schedule, reasoning that I could then linger a bit longer with a café au lait before heading out of the house.

Fine. Except that I woke up at bloody 5 am.

For the life of me, I could NOT fall back asleep. You know how sometimes when you wake up in the night, you just KNOW that you’re up for hours now? (Well, maybe you don’t, but trust me, when it happens to you, you KNOW.) This was one of those times. I turned the radio on. I set it for 15 minutes, hoping that it might lull me back to sleep for another hour or so.

It didn’t. I set it for another 15 minutes. Then another 15 minutes. All the while, I was pretty much wide awake.

Then I heard noisy trucks. And leaf-blowers. They all sounded like they were right outside my window, on the street that I overlook. I got up and peeked out the window. Yes, there they were, right outside my window. I looked at the clock radio. It read 6:30 am.

WTF??? I fumed. Are there not noise bylaws in this city? How could these clowns be starting their workday so frickin’ early? Someone should DO something about this! People need their sleep!

Well, I was up now. I did my thing in the bathroom, got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. I ate and made a pot of coffee, then settled down to read the paper in a leisurely manner. The sun was starting to stream through the window. How nice, I thought, the sun seems to be rising earlier this morning. There must be no cloud cover right now. It’s usually much darker outside at this hour.

At nearly 7:30, I turned on my cellphone. The time on it was 8:30. Oh, perfect, I thought. Daylight savings is over next weekend, and my stupid phone thinks it’s now. So I switched the time back to an hour earlier. I got up for more coffee. And I glanced at the time on the coffee-maker.


I looked at the time on the stove.


I looked at the time on the microwave.

Still 8:30.

Last chance. I looked at the time on my beloved Seth Thomas kitchen wall clock.

8:30. Again.


Somehow, in my “15 more minutes” phase with my clock radio, I must have put the time back an hour. I have no idea what I did, which button I pushed, or, to be quite honest, if I actually even did anything out of the ordinary. But the clock radio was apparently an hour behind, and now so was I.

Plus I had just changed the time on my cellphone for nothing.

Plus plus, my workshop was beginning – oh, let’s say, right about NOW.

Plus plus plus, traffic was absolutely crazy that morning, due to construction or something on the highway, so one lane was still blocked off for that, though it should have been cleared by 5 am. Even though I got out of the house in record time, everywhere I drove, there were incredible amounts of traffic and there was no real alternate route I could take to where I was going. What should have taken me maybe twenty minutes ended up being far, far longer than that.

The workshop was well under way by the time I finally arrived well after 9 am, and I forgot to sign in or pick up the available handouts. I had to grab a chair way off to the side, and sit crammed up against the wall by the door, all by myself.

Needless to say, I was just slightly distracted and frazzled for most of the morning.

And I didn’t enjoy the workshop anyway. I thought it was badly organized and not presented very coherently … and I do believe that I was exceptionally well-qualified to make such a judgment that morning.


6 responses to “Time waits for no one …

  1. Well, technically, last time you didn’t screw up the clock, you simply put a dead battery in.

    This time you screwed up the clock.

  2. ‘Fuck’, as you say. Quel angst. What a horrible, panicky and bleak feeling when you realize you have made a gaffe like that. It’s similar to the sensation you get when you have completely forgotten a meeting or appointment until an hour later than when you were supposed to be there.

    • mrwriteon – The only thing that could make such a situation worse is if there are massive traffic tie-ups every route you frantically try to take to get where you need to be – oh, wait. That DID happen to me as well. All I’m hoping for at this point is that I’ve now used up my lifetime quota of late-for-work scenarios. Think that’s possible???

  3. oh dear lord, and you are going to have to change all the clocks again tonight……..

    • VioletSky – And who knows what minor disaster will befall me this time? This just may the only time in my life that I have ever wished that I lived in Saskatchewan (no daylight savings).