My beloved Seth Thomas clock stopped working again. Just like that last time, it was losing more and more time each day and then a couple of days ago, it completely ceased to function.

I mucked around with the mechanism at the back in case the hands had simply loosened up, just like last time. But unlike last time, I couldn’t get it to work again. I sadly took the clock off the wall – who wants to look at a clock that permanently reads 7:20? – and wondered if I should now go out and buy a replacement mechanism. Or was this definitely the end for my Seth Thomas and me?

Then I had a thought. Even though it had only been about two months since I’d replaced the battery, maybe it needed replacing again? Maybe the battery that I’d put in was quite old and hadn’t had much power left in it? Was it even worth trying?

I tried it. For my Seth Thomas, I tried it. I replaced the battery again on the off-chance that I’d put in a weak battery last time. But it was to no avail. Seth stayed silent and still.

PG found this a bit disturbing, too. He missed the comforting ticking on the kitchen wall, I think, but he also saw that I was a bit down about it. He tried to reassure me that of course we could buy another mechanism for the clock, we just needed to figure out exactly what kind it was and go to Lee Valley and get it. Maybe today, even. I sat down at the computer to do more research.

Then he said, “Hey – you did try to change the battery, didn’t you?”

I glared at him and snorted, “Of course I did! It didn’t make any difference. The clock still didn’t work.”

He ignored me and just to satisfy himself, he popped another battery out of the package and into the clock.

Seth woke up and started ticking happily.

There are two possible scenarios at play here: 1) Seth Thomas has broken up with me and is now in a relationship with PG, or 2) I need to remember which battery is the dead one that I have just removed and to NOT put that dead one right back into the clock.

I think that #1 is far more likely.


12 responses to “Tickety-boo

  1. I’ve heard clocks are tempermental. I bet it breaks up with PG and comes back to you.

    I just read your Who I Am page to see who PG was. I love the nickname!

    • Thoughtsappear – I have yet another temperamental clock story to post now, too – stay tuned! PG loves his nickname too, and actually USES it in real life once in a while. (Yeah, he’s a bit odd.) Thanks so much for visiting! πŸ™‚

  2. I just mean that if I were your clock, I’d work for you. Did that come out better? Probably not. Anyway, no double-entendre intended — I think.

  3. Possibility 3 – reversing the battery. Been there. Done that.

  4. Well, I’m straight so I’d work for you. That maybe didn’t come out right, but you get my drift, I trust. I think Seth is merely confused about it all.

  5. I agree with Jazz, but does that make PG gay as well?

  6. Absolutely it’s option 1. You’ve been dumped for PG. Seth is gay.