Grungy morning

There I was, wandering around on the school playground before school began this morning. I was doing my usual P.R. routine with the parents and kids milling around waiting for the first bell to ring.

At my school, all of the teachers have to take two turns a week at supervising outside, and I always choose the mornings. Yes, it’s a bit of a bother to stop whatever preparations you’re doing to get ready for the day and head outside, but at least it’s over and done with then. There are lots of parents around (some good-looking dads, too!), and the kids are all in a good mood and eager to get their school day started. There’s never much to actually supervise in the mornings, which is another reason I like to do it then – I’m basically lazy. But I do like chatting with the kids and parents, tickling the babies, petting the dogs (who are not supposed to be on the school grounds, but there are usually one or two, regardless).

This morning, it was a bit chilly outside. It is October, after all. I was clutching my coffee cup and cursing the fact that I’d chosen to wear sandals and a thin sweater over my t-shirt. (In my defense, it was a lot warmer yesterday!) I sauntered over to the climbing equipment and this one kid immediately attracted my attention.

He was wearing those baggy man-capris that, fortunately, didn’t hang too far down his crotch. He was also wearing a plaid flannel shirt over his ratty t-shirt. And a woolen tuque. And his long hair poking out the bottom of the tuque was stringy and brownish-blond.

I watched the kid play for a few minutes, wondering if I had fallen through a wormhole or something and it was 1992 again. Is grunge back? How would this kid even know about the very existence of grunge? Are his parents into such “retro” music and fashion? Are the kid’s parents perhaps named Kurt and Courtney?

And most importantly, is it even still possible these days to buy new flannel shirts in plaid???


7 responses to “Grungy morning

  1. Yes the female look you describe I look back on with sweet nostalgia.

  2. I want to see a Stray Cats nouveau vogue. I mean, the SC did it themselves by channeling Eddie Cochran, so why not once more. Grunge never did it for me. Actually grunge is still too alive and well in the Comox Valley where it is considered default garb.

    • mrwriteon – If Comox Valley residents are still rocking the grunge look, I imagine it’s equally popular around Nelson, don’t you think? And I must confess that I still kind of like the look of Doc Martens with faded, ripped jeans or with black tights and a denim skirt (the tights and skirt for females only, of course). And yes, I cheerfully wore both those looks in the nineties – but no tuques or plaid! No, no, no!

  3. Some children are dressed as their parents wish to dress. Saw a four year-old yesterday in a Ramones tee-shirt!


    • Pearl – Yeah, I never thought of it that way: if you think you’re too old to dress a particular way, you might dress your kid like that. But the Ramones? Try explaining that at daycare!

  4. I was walking past a Gap yesterday and do recall noticing the plaid shirts on display. It hurts to admit that I used to love them. But they really weren’t very classy were they? I mean, are they?

    • VioletSky – I wore plaid in the seventies. When I was a teenager. When I didn’t know any better. When I always wore stuff that was in style, whether or not it actually looked good. I am now older and wiser. I have never worn it since.