Back at it

Yes, hello. I am here. I’ve not fallen off the edge of the earth or succumbed to my illness or anything dire like that. I’ve just been busy and not hanging about the intarnets much.

Actually, that’s not strictly true. I have been reading my favourite blogs regularly, and I have been downloading my favourite TV programs (currently Mad Men and old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I’ve played a thousand games of Solitaire and Bubble Blaster, with a few Mah Jongg matches thrown in for variety. I’ve done a tonne of emailing with friends and family, not to mention useless research on such topics as celebrities who’ve had bad plastic surgery. And I haven’t really been exceptionally, unusually busy otherwise. But I have been sick, and I suppose I’ve just needed some down time to recover. And of course, by not feeling well, I haven’t exactly been thinking profound thoughts or observing strange behaviours in others or even doing weird and amusing activities myself – you know, the blogworthy stuff that we all write about.

After showing up for work only three days last week, and only once to my gym (which MUST be why I am still struggling with man push-ups), my energy is starting to come back. Over the weekend, I cleaned my whole house, prepared a lovely Thanksgiving dinner for nine people, cleaned up my garden and put away my patio furniture for the winter, did lots of laundry, drove PG around when his car wouldn’t start, and attended another Thanksgiving dinner at the home of friends.

After all that, I had to go to work today to relax. I might even work every day this week. I’ll just have to see how much I need to relax …


4 responses to “Back at it

  1. I am so glad you are feeling better. See, my metaphorical hug did work.

  2. It’s that season again…not Thanksgiving, but cold and flu. My husband has it full bore and I’m hoping and praying that I skip it….but highly doubtful. Based on another blogger’s suggestion, I got him hot and sour soup tonight….to make him sweat and make his nose run. That part worked, we’ll see if he feels better tomorrow.

    • Wenderina – So you’re telling me that this nasty virus is all over North America? That’s some powerful virus! I hope your husband is feeling better soon – and that you don’t suffer TOO badly when you get it, because, yep, you’re probably gonna get it!