Speed trapped

I was driving to work this morning, and I was rather pissed at the pokey driver in front of me. I normally drive very legally, of course, perhaps just only a very slight and tiny bit above the speed limit, but the person in front of me was going exactly the speed limit. Exactly 60 kilometres an hour. Not a klick more or less. That person was exceptionally annoying, particularly in view of the fact that this road we were travelling on was straight, with only a couple of crossroads, and it was sunny and dry out. Great driving conditions … if one were actually DRIVING, of course. And as usually happens in such a situation, there was just enough traffic coming in the opposite direction to make passing that vehicle pretty much impossible.

Then that person slowed down to 30 kilometres in a school zone. Okay, that is the law, and one I actually do obey, given my profession and all. But that speed limit is only in effect between 8 am and 5 pm! It says so right on the sign!

It was only 7:40 am.

Ruined my morning commute, that twit did!


9 responses to “Speed trapped

  1. My Granpa does that! It’s so annoying. Every time I’m in a care with him I’m sure we’re never going to reach our destination!

    • bevchen – My dad drove like that too, and my mother still does. Frustrating! And she thinks that I’m a terribly unsafe driver because I don’t stick exactly to the speed limit. (Well, to be fair, I have been involved in two car accidents in the past 25 years – but neither were related to speed!)

  2. @ ian – Wendy should have told the colleague, “If it’s just a suggested speed that means Go Faster Moron!” – but I guess she would have had to walk the rest of the way to Nanaimo.

  3. I thought you were going to say you passed him and he slapped a light on the top of his car and went after you. And I was all ready to be pissed off on your behalf because damn, that’s entrapment and….

    Sorry you had a bleh commute (damn, that just doesn’t have the same impact commentwise as righteous indignation!)

    • Jazz – Ooooh, that reminded me of another driving incident I had about ten years ago! I’m going to write about that – thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I’d like to see stats on how many accidents are caused by those anal morons, prompting otherwise sensible people (like us) to take chances just to get away from them. Wendy once had to drive to Nanaimo with her uptight colleague who would actually drive 5 kph below the speed limit because, as she asserted, the posted speed was only a ‘suggested’ speed.

    • mrwriteon – My ex-MIL is a perfect example of that: very proud to have never had an accident. Well, I was a passenger with the lady a couple of times, and I can say conclusively that although she’d never had an accident, she sure as hell caused a few! (And, no, that’s not the reason her son and I didn’t stay married!)

  5. Oh, I hate it when that happens! It’s so frustrating and annoying. Even more so when it is a nice day that just calls for a little zoom.

    • Kimberly – Exactly! Besides, my car doesn’t like to go slowly. She gets very antsy and wiggly, and some day I fear she’s just going to take off and be completely out of my control, so really, it’s best all around if I just let her zoom sometimes, just to keep her happy.