My dinner with PG

I have been rather swamped at work lately. As a result, I’ve been rather tired when I get home. No, exhausted. Exhausted to the point where I can barely think coherently enough to do the laundry, never mind intelligently enough write a blog post. Things at home are not being done quite as they should, as you can imagine. But this is all pretty much par for the course for any teacher at the beginning of the school year, and it is improving every day, so soon everything will be just fine, I’m sure.

I did manage to pull myself together in order to celebrate PG’s birthday on the weekend. Maybe not in grand style, but we did celebrate. We went out for a romantic dinner for two on Saturday night.

Of course, PG couldn’t decide where he wanted to go. And, he noted, we’d just spent a whole whack of money on wonderful dinners in Vegas (among other things we spent money on there, of course!), so should we really have yet another expensive dinner? I would have shouted, “Yes! Of course!”, but it wasn’t MY birthday. So we ended up at a neighbourhood steak house.

Now, this was on Saturday night, and our local football team, the BC Lions. were playing a televised game. This, of course, meant that PG kept turning around to watch the big screen TV over in the lounge section of the restaurant. Not exactly a situation to induce scintillating conversion. He even asked our server what the score was at one point, because he couldn’t quite make out the numbers on the screen. Lovely.

Then the two guys sitting in the booth behind us started acting up. I don’t know how long they had been there probably drinking, but they were really loud, and one of them was really foul-mouthed. I don’t know about you, but hearing the f-word yelled in every sentence doesn’t whet my appetite. Fortunately, they left partway through our meal, so peace and quiet once again reigned. Except when something happened in the football game.

After our yummy steaks (for that price, they’d BETTER be yummy!), PG decided that it was his birthday, so he was going to have dessert. Actually, he almost ALWAYS has dessert. He doesn’t have a lick of fat on him, so he can do that sort of thing. Also, he’s a guy. They very much tend towards desserts, guys do. Me, I had a special coffee. So did PG. So technically, he had two desserts.

Anyway, he ordered a fruit crumble-like thingy that came with ice cream. Before bringing the actual dessert, the server brought additional napkins and two spoons, thinking that we’d likely share the dessert (which we did, but don’t tell anyone!).

They were soup spoons. The biggest, roundest soup spoons that I have ever seen. I knew right away that I wouldn’t be able to fit it into my mouth comfortably. PG was going to have some trouble, too. Both of us were puzzled. Why soup spoons?

I thought that maybe the dessert would be very liquidy. PG thought that maybe our server was an idiot. He wanted to call her back and demand proper dessert spoons – teaspoons. I said that with that attitude, he’d better not!

And when the fruit crumble-like thingy arrived, we realized that PG was right.

(But it was still delicious, regardless of the type of spoon we had.)


10 responses to “My dinner with PG

  1. Jan always claims he has a “dessert stomach”. No matter how much he’s eaten, there’s always room for desert. It just goes in the special extra stomach that’s reserved for it…

    • bevchen – And he probably never puts on weight despite that dessert stomach, does he? Lots of women like dessert too, but unfortunately, few of us have the metabolism of a man, so we gain weight almost immediately after that first bite. So unfair!

  2. I agree with you, I think a birthday deserves a special night out at a decent restaurant. And it is one of the few times that I go out to eat and get dessert too. You should live it up to congratulate yourself on making it through another year.

    Do people really say ‘wet my appetite’? Do they not realize that that makes no sense?

    • Kimberly – I think that’s how I’ll put it to PG next year: celebrate the fact that you made it through another year. Or maybe I’ll just tell him that I need to celebrate that I didn’t do anything drastic to him that year! 😉

  3. I too applaud ‘whet’ lovely sister. Now, about dessert, I believe there is a testosterone connection (as there is to many elements of life, but no more about that) in which males gravitate to dessert. Often I’d rather just focus on dessert rather than the entree course. Dessert buffets are absolute killers for me. I mean, I am relatively trim but I always want something, especially something that involves ice-cream. And, you are such a loving lady for insisting that birthdays must be celebrated in style, despite the soup spoons.

    • mrwriteon – One of PG’s fave sayings is “Life is too short; eat dessert first”. So it’s his testosterone that’s to blame, is it? And here I thought he was just trying to annoy me because I so rarely eat dessert!

  4. Your waitress was definitely ditsy and it’s a shame that you had to suffer the abuse of two foulmouthed tough guys that sat so close to you. It’s a shame that they let people like that inside restaurants. The next time you have to go to a really nice place, even though you had been to so many already. It pays to go. No soup spoons and no aggravation.

    • Nora – To me, a birthday dinner should always be at a very nice restaurant, no matter how much it costs (well, it should be within reason, but I’m sure you know what I mean!). I hope that PG agrees with me now. We’ll see next year.

  5. Soup spoons… idiot.

    Oh and you used whet rather than wet. Thank you thank you thank you.