Oh, deer!

I was driving along yesterday, minding my own business. I was on a highway in a forest, not too far from the city, but there was little evidence of human habitation nearby – other than the highway I was on, of course.

To my right, maybe 100 metres from the pavement, in the grass in front of the trees, I suddenly spotted a deer. Now, deer are often seen along this stretch of road, but I have not often been the person who has actually seen one. But this was my turn to see a deer! I was rather pleased. I was one with nature!

Then I realized what it was doing. It was squatting and peeing. For a rather long time, too. As it peed, it gazed about, seemingly without a care in the world. I was stunned. I had no idea that deer squatted to pee. I think it was a female, judging from the lack of antlers, but what the hell do I know about deer? I’m a city girl!

But anyway, there’s my new claim to fame. How many people do you know who have seen a deer squat to pee beside the road?

I didn’t take this photo, obviously, but this is pretty much exactly what I saw!


10 responses to “Oh, deer!

  1. And thus, a new expression entered the vernacular. As low as a peeing deer.

    Somehow, I doubt it will catch on.

    • Dawn – That is an excellent expression! I love it, and I will use it! (Of course, no one but me will understand it, but I will do my best to make it popular, I promise.)

  2. I have never seen a squatting deer before. Interesting! Bambi pees like a lady! 😉

  3. Squeee!!!!

    Who the hell knew?

  4. I live in ‘Deer Central’ on Vancouver Island and have seen them ‘spending a penny’ a number of times, sometimes on my front lawn. Boy deer evacuate in the same manner, and that makes my male dog shake his head in disgust.

  5. LOL well i haven’t and i see a LOT of Deer, Moose and Bears on my drives, i see the result of their activities when i walk my dogs ,but i have never seen them in action….consider yourself privileged 😀

    • twain12 – I don’t know if “privilege” is a word I would have used to describe what I saw, but yes, in retrospect, it IS kind of special, isn’t it? Not everybody gets to see what I saw!