Handle with care

I just got off the phone with PG. He’s going away tomorrow and I won’t see him till Sunday, so we were having one of those conversations where I said things like “Drive carefully” and “Have a good time” and he said things like “Of course I’ll be careful” and “I’ll see you on Sunday afternoon, right?”

Then out of the blue, he announced that his left wrist was sore. Really, really sore.

I expressed an appropriate amount of concern, but inside I was rolling my eyes and wondering what the hell he did to himself now. After all, this is the man who routinely walks on balcony railings and roofs and has gone bungee-jumping a couple of times. He might even have injured himself sleeping, for all I know. (He does have some really weird sleep positions. The most common one is what I have termed “salmon swimming upstream to spawn”. You need to be a contortionist to assume that particular position, never mind actually sleep.)

But I did ask, politely of course, if he had any idea what might be wrong with his wrist.

PG was quite definitely sure what had happened to his wrist.

You see, the inside door handle for the driver’s door of his car broke off several weeks ago. He, as usual, has not yet replaced it. So, to open the driver’s door, he has to roll down the window, reach out awkwardly, and use the outside handle. He has had to do this several times a day for several weeks now.

And this, apparently, has strained his left wrist.

I should ask him if he’s ever planning to replace that broken door handle, but I’m afraid to know. He just might use vice grips.


12 responses to “Handle with care

  1. LOL. Some guys just don’t fix things until women nag them into it! Then afterwards, they will grumble that we were right all along…

  2. He couldn’t just go and get the door handle fixed, could he? That would be too simple, of course.

    • Nora – PG has now explained to me, painstakingly slowly, that it’s not just the handle that’s broken, it’s the entire mechanism inside the door that is also broken. So I am now wondering if this somehow means that both the handle and the inside mechanism never have to be fixed, because so far, that’s what I see!

  3. He’s a guy, darling. I understand perfectly. And, you know, the vise-grip thing just might work.

  4. Oh dear. Aren’t men strange?

    • bevchen – I know. They really do think differently than women do, and we will never truly understand why they do some of the things they do.

  5. That’s so funny in that typical guy way. *also rolls eyes*

  6. Men! (insert eye roll here).